Alexander I. Oparin, a leading proponent of evolution, describes coacervates as blobs of organic matter (mostly containing sugars and short polypeptides), supposedly the precursors of modern cells.81 At one time evolutionists maintained that coacervates were the forerunners of the cell, and that proteins emerged as a result of the evolution of coacervates. However, this claim, devoid of any scientific evidence—was later abandoned as invalid by even the evolutionists themselves.

Even the simplest looking organism has energy producing and transforming mechanisms for its own survival, as well as complex genetic mechanisms to ensure the survival of the species concerned. Coacervates, however, are simple collections of molecules lacking any such systems and mechanisms. Their structures are prone to be broken down by even the slightest natural effects. It is totally unscientific to claim that they gradually and spontaneously came to life by developing such complex systems.

One evolutionist reference describes how coacervates cannot represent the basis of life:

Droplets with metabolism such as coacervate cannot of course be regarded as living. Because they lack two fundamental characteristics as inheritance and mutation. In addition, the primitive cell, in other words the protobiont, cannot be regarded as a pre-formative stage. Because the substances used in these droplets are formed from present-day organisms.82

However, some circles who have turned evolution into an ideological slogan continue to portray coacervates as major evidence for evolution in their publications, without admitting the slightest scientific doubt on the matter. As always, their aim is to portray the theory of evolution as backed by extensive scientific evidence and to deceive those who lack detailed information about the subject about and the means to investigate it.

82 M. Yılmaz 85ner, Canlıların Diyalektiği ve Yeni Evrim Teorisi, Belge Publishing, 2000, p. 165.

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