Professor Ali Demirsoy, a leading proponent of evolution in Turkey, has this to say about cytochrome-C, one of the proteins which must be present in the body and which is essential for respiration, and the chances of its coming into being by chance: “as low as those of a monkey sitting at a typewriter and writing the history of mankind.107

Yet it is extremely interesting that Professor Demirsoy, an evolutionist scientist, should admit the impossibility of this:

 The probability of forming a cytochrome-C string is so low as to be zero. In other words, we may say that if life requires a specific sequence there is a very low probability of this occurring once in the whole universe. Or else supernatural forces that we cannot define played a role in this formation. It is incompatible with science to admit the latter possibility, which means we need to investigate the first hypothesis.108

Many evolutionists prefer the impossibility in the above example over accepting supernatural forces—in other words, creation by God.

107 Prof. Dr. Ali Demirsoy, KalF5tF5m ve Evrim (“Heredity and Evolution”), Ankara: Meteksan Publishing, 1995, p. 61.
108 Ibid.

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