DDT immunity

Evolutionists attempt to portray insects’ growing immunity to DDT as evidence for evolution. In reality, DDT immunity develops in much the same way as bacterial immunity to antibiotics. (See Antibiotic Resistance.) There is no question of a subsequently acquired immunity to DDT, since some insects already possess it.

Following the invention of DDT, those insects that were exposed to the pesticide—and had no immunity to it—died out. However, those individuals with such immunity were initially very low in number, but survived and gradually multiplied in number. As a result, the same insect species came to consist of individuals that all possessed genetic immunity.

Naturally, as most of the population of insects came to be made up of immune individuals, DDT began to have little effect on that species. This process is popularly referred to as “insects becoming immune to DDT.”

The evolutionist biologist Francisco Ayala admits this:
. . . the genetic variants required for resistance to the most diverse kinds
of pesticides were apparently present in every one of the populations
exposed to these man-made compounds. 122
Evolutionist sources are clearly misleading on this subject. From time to time, certain popular science magazines in particular portray it as major evidence for evolution. In fact, however, there is no scientific ground for claiming that insects’ DDT immunity is the result of evolution.

122 Francisco J. Ayala, “The Mechanisms of Evolution.” Scientific American, Vol. 239, September 1978, p. 64. 2009-08-15 11:50:18

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