Evolutionary paganism

Some people believe in Divine religions revealed to them by God. Others,  are devoted to religions they have made up for themselves or that have been produced by the society they live in. Some worship totems, others the Sun, while others beseech beings from outer space.

These second groups ascribe partners to God and are commonly defined as pagans in Western literature.

Evolutionists also adopt the theory of evolution, and indeed use science as a general religion. These people say they place their faith in scientific fact proven by means of concrete evidence. They also regard themselves as representatives of a concrete reality, superior to religion. These deceptive claims of evolutionist pagans place them in an imaginary position above other religious believers. For them, accordingly, other religions are subjective beliefs, whereas evolution is an objective reality. Using the false authority bestowed by this deception, they call on other religious believers to follow them. According to the evolutionist’s argument, if other religions accept evolution and the concepts that follow from it, then all socio-political measures based on evolution will be perceived as a moral teaching.

George Gaylord Simpson, one of the most important figures in the neo-Darwinist movement, makes this clear:

 Of course there are some beliefs still current, labeled as religious and involved in religious emotions that are flatly incompatible with evolution and therefore are intellectually untenable in spite of their emotional appeal. Nevertheless, I take it as now self-evident, requiring no further special discussion, that evolution and true religion are compatible. 158

This implies that evolution and the scientific teachings developed on the basis of it have the authority to judge other religions. It will be up to evolutionist science to decide which religions or which interpretation will be regarded as the “true” one. The teaching referred to as true religion makes no claims regarding the observable universe and that makes do solely with setting out moral criteria for human beings. Everything to do with the observable universe—science, economics, politics, law, etc—is to be determined in the light of an evolutionary conception.

While this totalitarian approach imposes the theory of evolution on society as a scientific fact, it also keeps a tight reign on scientific circles. Most present-day biologists worship the pagan religion in question, and any who do not share that belief are silenced. In this system, the theory of evolution becomes a sacred cow. Scientists who reject evolution lose any chance of rising in their careers.

The well-known professor of anatomy Thomas Dwight describes this as an intellectual dictatorship:
The tyranny of the zeitgeist in the matter of evolution is overwhelming to
a degree of which outsiders have no idea. Not only does it influence (as I
admit it does in my own case) our manners of thinking, but there is
oppression as in the days of the Terror. How very few of the leaders of
science dare tell the truth concerning their own state of mind.159

158 Phillip E. Johnson, “Evolution as Dogma: The Establishment of Naturalism,” http://www.arn.org/docs/johnson/pjdogma1.htm.
159 Thomas Dwight, Thoughts of a Catholic Anatomist. London: Longmans Green & Co, 1927, pp. 20-21.
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