Evolutionists claim that water-dwelling organisms gradually turned into land-dwelling ones. In order to verify these claims, they depict all terrestrial living things and those living in water with similar characteristics as transitional forms. Ichthyostega is a marine creature that lived in the Devonian Period and which, in the evolutionists’ view, represents a transitional form. These creatures were specially created to live in water, and the only reason why evolutionists regard them as transitional forms between fish and amphibians is that they compare a structure on their fins to a foot capable of walking on dry land.

However, there is no scientific validity to this unfounded claim. Living mammals such as the bat are capable of flight, mammals such as the Platypus that lay eggs, and mammals such as whales and dolphins live in the sea.

Such life forms also existed in the past. Ichthyostega lived in the sea, like dolphins, but that does not indicate that it was a transitional forms. On the contrary, it shows that they were an original and stable species. Indeed, according to the theory of evolution, there is no rational basis to proposing them as transitional forms at all.

All the supposedly transitional forms referred to today are the result of such distortions. According to evolutionists, the first movement made using the feet was made by life forms resembling amphibians that walked on the floors of shallow waters. These fish, which include the Coelacanth, were for long described as transitional forms that moved in such a way. Evolutionists claimed that the Coelacanth evolved over the course of time and turned into Ichthyostega, an amphibian. However, this was a completely groundless scenario.

Despite being an evolutionist, even Henry Gee, editor of the well-known magazine Nature, admitted the mistaken and biased attitudes adopted towards Ichthyostega:

 A statement that Ichthyostega is a missing link between fishes and later tetrapods reveals far more about our prejudices than about the creature we are supposed to be studying. It shows how much we are imposing a restricted view on reality based on our own limited experience, when reality may be larger, stranger, and more different than we can imagine.219

As his admission shows, there is not a single piece of concrete evidence for any transition from water to land. This came to light with the discovery of a living Coelacanth and once again demonstrated that all the scenarios dreamed up by evolutionists were a fantasy.

219 Henry Gee, In Search Of Deep Time: Beyond The Fossil Record To A New Hıstory Of Life, New York: The Free Press, A Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1999, p. 54.
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