Missing Link in the Evolutionary Chain, The

Though the theory of evolution has no scientific foundation, most people around the world regard it as scientific fact. The most important reason for this error is systematic indoctrination and propaganda from the media.

In their reports, the media giants employ an assumption that the theory of evolution is as certain as any mathematical law. The most classic example of this comes with regard to fossil remains. Sentences such as “According to a Time magazine report, a very significant fossil filling a gap in the chain of evolution has been discovered,” or “According to a report in Nature, scientists have clarified the final missing parts in the evolutionary puzzle” are printed in large, bold face. However, nothing has actually been proven at all for the final missing link in the evolutionary chain to have been found. All the evidence put forward is false.

On the other hand, despite there being millions of fossils of living things in perfectly formed states, no transitional form fossil that might confirm an evolutionary development has ever been found. In his 1991 book Beyond Natural Selection, the American paleontologist R. Wesson describes the significance of the real and concrete gaps in the fossil record:

 The absence of a record of any important branching is quite phenomenal. Species are usually static, or nearly so, for long periods, species seldom and genera never show evolution into new species or genera but replacement of one by another, and change is more or less abrupt. 155

This shows that the argument that “Transitional-form fossils have not been found yet, but may be in the future,” put forward by evolutionist for the last century and a half, no longer has any validity. The fossil record is sufficiently rich for us to understand the origin of life, and from it a very concrete picture emerges: different living species appeared suddenly and separately on Earth, with all their different structures, and with no transitional forms between them.

155 R. Wesson, Beyond Natural Selection, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1991, p. 45. 2009-08-15 17:41:38

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