Oparin, Alexander I.

Alexander I. Oparin

"The Russian biologist Alexander I. Oparin, founder of the concept of "chemical evolution," could not obtain any findings to shed light on the origins of life, despite all his theoretical research. In his 1936 book The Origin of Life, he wrote, "Unfortunately . . . the problem of the origin of the cell is perhaps the most obscure point in the whole study of the evolution of organisms."77

Ever since Oparin, evolutionists have carried out countless experiments, studies and observations to prove that the cell could have come into existence by chance. However, every study has undermined evolutionists' assumptions by revealing in ever-greater detail the complex creation in the cell.

77. Alexander I. Oparin, Origin of Life, 1936, New York: Dover Publications, 1953 (Reprint), p. 196.

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