Origin of the Fish

Evolutionists maintain that invertebrate marine creatures that arose during the Cambrian Period developed into fish over the course of tens of millions of years. However, in the same way that Cambrian Period invertebrates had no ancestors neither are there any intermediate form to indicate any evolution between these same invertebrates and fish. (See The Cambrian Period.) Yet the very considerable transition between invertebrates-lacking skeletons and the hard parts of whose bodies are on the outside-and fish, whose hard parts act as supports in the middle of their bodies, should have left behind a vast number of fossilized intermediate forms. Yet all the different categories of fish appear suddenly in the fossil record, with no forerunners or "primitive" versions.

For 140 years, evolutionists have been combing the fossil strata in their search for these imaginary intermediate forms. Although millions of invertebrate fossils and millions of fish fossils have been discovered, no one has found even a single intermediate form. In an article titled "Evolution of the Lung and the Origin of Bony Fishes: A Casual Relationship," the evolutionist paleontologist Gerald T. Todd sets out the following questions that demonstrate evolutionists' despair:

All three subdivisions of the bony fishes first appear in the fossil record at approximately the same time . . . How did they originate? What allowed them to diverge so widely? How did they all come to have heavy armor? And why is there no trace of earlier, intermediate forms?98

The fossil record shows that just like other living classes, fish emerged suddenly and with all their different structures intact. Fish were created in a single moment, with no evolutionary process behind them. Allah is the All-Powerful Creator.

98. Gerald T. Todd, "Evolution of the Lung and the Origin of Bony Fishes: A Casual Relationship." American Zoologist, Vol 26, No. 4, 1980, p. 757.

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