The global secret state inspects the Qur’an, the Torah and the Gospels every century and makes its plans accordingly

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 24th, 2014 & July 31th

For example, the global secret state meets once a century and inspects the Qur’an, the Torah and the Gospels to see what kind of direction the destiny of the world might take. And they make plans accordingly. They see what direction the course of history make take from looking at the Qur’an, the Torah and the Gospels and the hadiths, and thus they avoid trying to obstruct destiny or the course of history.

They make plans accordingly. This is a secret. For example, the compasses and protector in Freemasonry symbolize the design of the history of the world. The eye in the triangle. They say that God is always watching, so we are subject to destiny, and whatever God says will happen. That is what they say.

The collapse of the Ottoman Empire, for instance, was destined. That community saw that the empire needed to come down. Freemasonry also saw it. And they took the appropriate measures to ensure that it did. Because they knew that the Mahdi could not appear before the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. It was clear from the hadiths it would collapse. They took part in its collapse.

In Surat al-Kahf God says, "These were the populations we caused to perish when they committed injustices, but we fixed an appointed time for their destruction,” so there is an appointed time for meeting them.

Meetings are chaired by Hazrat Khidr, and history is shaped accordingly.

For example, a decision has now been taken for the unification of the Islamic world. Because that is destiny. There are people from Freemasonry and the Templars serving to that end. Their leaders say that information reaches them. They say that God shows them which people are important in which countries. They say that things do not remain hidden from them. They say that no important person remains unknown to them. And then they shape the course of history accordingly.

ISIS has no power. These groups could not exhibit any strength without being directed. If they wanted to annihilate ISIS it would only take 48 hours at most. If they wished, not one of its supporters would be left alive. But since this is the course of history they are not interfering. Because the hadiths say they will stretch as far as Jordan. And indeed they have come to the borders of Jordan the other day.

Now they will reach the Israeli border. That is destiny. Nobody can oppose destiny.

- God says in one verse that everything is created with a destiny. In another verse He says ‘You cannot wish a thing unless God wishes it.’ 

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is working hard for Islamic Unity, but since world Freemasonry knows that the time is not right it is not permitting it. Because that will be done by the Mahdi, so they are not allowing any progress in that direction in any country. The Masonic lodges in Iran are some of the oldest in the world. That is one of the places where Freemasonry is best organized. Another is India.

Nobody becomes a Mason with bad intentions. People become Masons in order to serve destiny. They ask why they brought the Ottoman Empire down. They did it so the Mahdi could appear. Sultan Abdul Hamid realized this, but he could not hold out against it. The time of the Mahdi had come, and the caliphate needed to go. The empire had to be demolished.

In the hadiths our Prophet says, ‘There will be no caliphate when the Mahdi comes.’ There will be no caliph. That is why there was one meeting after another.  The caliphate was torn down. Otherwise the Mahdi could never appear.

(These people) are not trying to prevent turmoil in the Islamic world. Of course this may appear very strange, but they tell us to think with the logic of Khidr.  It is indeed very extraordinary, but they are deliberately causing turmoil. A Muslim would not normally do that, but they say that turmoil is now essential.

- Khidr damages a boat in one story.

Adnan Oktar: Hazrat Khidr kills a child. Then the Prophet Moses demands to know why he did so. He says, 'That child would have been a threat in the future. He would have harmed the Islamic world and the family of Islam. I knew this in destiny. That is why I killed him’ Hazrat Khidr is a traveler in destiny, masha’Allah.

There are no bones in Khidr’s body. They say one can recognize him from that. When you shake hands with him you can feel there are no bones in it. That is how he was created. But he is human. He is not bound by the Qur’an. He does not command with the Qur’an, although he is a devout Muslim. He is not bound by the Torah, the Gospels or the Qur’an. He bound by his own special Sharia [moral codes and laws of Islam]. He acts in the light of that. He is not easy to understand.

For example, when he destroys a system, he destroys it thoroughly. The world is not a place like what it appears to be in the first sight. People are shown the surface of events. Politicians allow the surface to be shown, but not what is underneath. There are always deeper parts underlying events. The public are never told the truth. People are unaware of the course of events, but politicians know it.

- God says in one verse, " When We desire to destroy a city, We send a command to the affluent in it and they become deviant in it.."

Adnan Oktar: The Qur’an is referring to the system of Freemasonry. Read the verse again.

- " When We desire to destroy a city, We send a command to the affluent in it and they become deviant in it.."

Adnan Oktar: Nobody who lacks wealth and power will become a Freemason.

-      Will Hazrat Khidr contact with the Mahdi?

Of course they speak, but the Mahdi is unaware of it. He just speaks to him as a friend. In other words, he speaks to Hazrat Khidr as if he were just an ordinary person. Hazrat Mahdi will not check him out or ask if it is him. There is no such thing in destiny.

- Can Khidr assume another’s appearance?

Adnan Oktar: Khidr (pbuh) can even assume the form of objects. A table or a glass, for instance. He may come in the form of a bird. He can assume whatever form he wishes. In an instant he can go backward or forward in time. For example, one moment he goes back to the time of the Prophet Moses. Then he comes back here. This is clear from the stories of Khidr. He describes the future life of that child. The child would do this in the future, so I am killing him now, he says. The Prophet Moses is amazed, because killing a child is a dreadful thing. He asks if he has taken an innocent life.

Khidr  tells the Prophet Moses (pbuh) that he could not bear what he does. The Prophet Moses insists that he can bear it. But he cannot. Then the Prophet Moses says, “Let this be the last time.” But again he cannot bear it, because Hazrat Khidr is always acting in contravention of the Sharia. Yet he is doing the right thing. This story is specially provided in order that people can understand the spirit of the Mahdi.

Muqatta’at [isolated letters of the Qur’an] contain secrets of Khidr, and they are the keys of the Qur’an, but they are only for certain specific people, a certain specific group insha’Allah. A normal person will not understand anything from the letters  ‘Alif Lam Mim,’ but it may be possible to access much information in the Qur’an through them, secret information. But nobody has ever yet acquired that knowledge as far as the public knows.  Everyone benefits from the surface parts of the Qur’an, but nobody knows the keys to the secret parts. But there are masters who know it now, insha’Allah.

These isolated letters [of the Qur’an] are a code God gives to His special servants. Whenever they want to access some information they take that code and access all kinds of special information in the Qur’an. These are very special people, the followers of Khidr. And thus the world is given direction, insha’Allah.

Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) removes people who might harm Islam in the long term in a mysterious manner

Hazrat Khidr does not interfere in everyone. But he intervenes from a distance. In general terms he kills people, in a mysterious manner, by means of unidentified murders, who obstruct Islamic Unity in a serious manner, or people he thinks might hinder Islam, before they can do so. The people he kills are never found. Not even if all the police forces of the world work together. 

For example, if he suspects someone, if it is revealed to him that ‘This person will harm Islam,” he will surely find and kill them. These will always be unsolved killings. He may use bombs or break their necks. The Qur’an shows there will be actions like acts of sabotage.

He sinks that ship, for instance.

It is not easy to sink a ship. It calls for serious sabotage. The ship sinks.

Or he sees that a young man has a grave tendency to unbelief and has the ability to cause people to fall into heresy. He sees tendency to intense irreligion in that person. He kills him. He thinks that person will harm Islam, and he kills him. But he kills on the basis of revelation from God. Killing people is normally a sin. Because we cannot really know anyone. It is unlawful to kill even an unbeliever. One cannot kill a person even if he is an unbeliever. There is always the chance he will believe.

But Khidr says ‘This person will never believe. He will be a scourge on Islam. I will kill him.’


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