The best thing in the world is love stemming from faith (27.07.2014)

Love is very important. Love stemming from faith is the most beautiful thing in the world. Love covers all of Paradise as a whole. Love covers the whole humanity, maidens, young men, children of paradise, trees, flowers and all. Everything in Paradise seeks love, including  matter itself. The matter is intelligent in Heaven, it has a soul and experiences love. It is after finding out how to make people happy, how to make things better, how to cheer them up. The aim of God in Heaven is to make His servants happy. He creates things they will like, whatever they may be. God does everything that will make people happy in Heaven.

But we don’t turn out to be normal if we do not go through these trials in this world. People just want to achieve  Paradise as soon as possible; very well, but you would go there as an empty man. God placed the Prophet Adam (pbuh) in Paradise but  satan said to him, “You have come here but let me tell you will not stay here forever. If you want to stay forever, trust me. When you eat the fruit of that tree over there, it will affect your body and then automatically you will live forever.” Take notice, he doesn’t say God will make you live forever, he says it will be because of that fruit. This is the thought of ascribing partners to God. He claims the fruit will benefit him.

He also thinks that God does not know of this, however, Allah knows everything, He is the All-Knowing, the Omniscient. He thinks the fruit has some kind of power. The Prophet Adam hesitates in the beginning, but then he is convinced in  satan.  Surely God sees him and  takes him out of Heaven. All of a sudden the heavenly clothing on him disappears. This clothing is like a curtain made out of some kind of light. He realizes he is naked and he immediately collects  big leaves, which he can use as clothing.

After all the Prophet Adam became a Prophet after being trained in the world. He did regret matters deeply when he was sent to the world but he rose to such high morality that God made him a Prophet; he is one of the greatest Prophets. Now we want  to achieve Heaven but we have to trust God based on our faith because if God wants, He can take away  Heaven all of a sudden. He can also kill us all of a sudden and annihilate us. He can if He wants, but He doesn’t. We believe in Allah knowing that He will make us live forever.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated July 27th, 2014

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2014-08-22 19:58:06

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