The Americans are rescuing the Yazidis with Christian love. Muslims are just watching.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 12nd, 2014

The Yazidis fled to Sinjar Mountain to escape ISID. The temperature there now is 50 degrees. Little children and old people are having to walk.

Adnan Oktar: That is so sad for those people.

-There is nowhere they can shelter from the Sun. They have to walk some 75 km under those harsh conditions to reach the Syrian border.

They should open a security corridor there and take them out in vehicles.

- They have brought some out in the way as you say, but others are still there. They brought out some 300 people.

Adnan Oktar: My brother, there is no need to ask for passports and the like. Once they get to the border crossing they should be taken in at once. This is like laughing at them. How can you ask for passports from these people as they run away with ISIS on their heels? They sometimes bring critically ill people in to hospitals in the same way. The patient is all covered in blood. But they first insist he write down his personal details. How can you make a dying person do that? They require emergency attention.

- America has taken people in the region away by helicopter. Hundreds of people were rescued in that way yesterday and today.

Adnan Oktar: True, helicopter is the most sensible way. Turkey and all other countries could send helicopters. They could mass them all together. Look, Muslims are failing to unite. They do not love one another. The Americans love them with a Christian love. A love of Jesus enters the equation and they rescue the Yazidis. And they risk their lives in so doing. But Muslims are not risking their lives and rescuing them. They do not want to rescue them at all. They are not lifting a finger. They are not engaged in the least.

The Yazidis are a handful of very poor people. Everyone oppresses them. They have suffered for years.

- The Yazidis have also entered Syria. Nobody even met them at the border. They wanted water. They had to beg even for water. Nobody took any interest in them. 

Adnan Oktar: They bring about a ruthless community devoid of any conscience. And they call that a Muslim society! A Muslim is the highest quality person in the world. A Muslim is the classiest, the clearest thinking and the most virtuous person.


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2014-08-25 20:28:03

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