The miraculous aspects of proteins

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 12nd, 2014

- I wish to describe a sign leading to faith. All proteins in the body have an expiration date – a few hours for some, 6 months for others. But all these proteins know their use by dates. Proteins that reach their use by date are broken down and carried away.

Adnan Oktar: This is amazing. There is this constant breaking down in the body. But new proteins are never touched. Proteins all have different use by dates. How do they know when a protein has grown old? How do they distinguish between old and new? They look the same. They pluck the old one out and throw it away. In a dark environment. They have no eyes or brains. Proteins are more intelligent than people.

- All newly made proteins have large numbers of different addresses to go to. Each one has a different duty. For example, proteins manufactured for mitochondria must go to mitochondria. If a protein is created for the cell membrane or another organelle, it must go to the membrane or that organelle. It is sent to the right address. Because a special section is added as proteins are being manufactured. They literally have a post code or zip system. In the same way that an envelope has a special code on it to make sure it gets to the right address, so do proteins. Transporter proteins read that code and take the newly produced protein to the correct address. When they reach the right address, proteins are taken inside and the post code part is removed. Then the proteins start their new jobs.

Adnan Oktar: If people were just able to understand that, there would not be a single unbeliever left in the world. If they thought freely and honestly, not a single person would fail to believe. I cannot imagine anyone who thinks freely and honestly who could fail to be stunned by this. Even the most awkward atheist would believe. No matter what ideas a person holds, he will have faith.

People could never do that even if you gave them all possible means and equipment. Protein control and the distinguishing between new and old ones are breathtaking features. Just these alone are enough for eternal faith.

- In order for protein synthesis to take place, information must be taken from the relevant gene in DNA. And proteins and enzymes are essential for DNA copying. Enzymes in any case consist of proteins. There is a mechanism here that could not have come about by chance. These things must all have been created at the same time. 

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2014-08-27 12:39:16

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