All the fossils discovered in Darwin's cabinet prove creation.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated January 18th, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: "Fossils that belonged to Charles Darwin some 165 years ago have been discovered inside an old wooden cabinet. 314 pieces of fossils were discovered." All of those 314 fossils constitute proof for the Creation. Look, all of those 314 pieces of fossils that were discovered inside Darwin's cabinet prove Creation. Darwin himself had examined fossils anyway and "all of those prove creation," he says, "if we cannot find an evidence that can prove evolution, my theory would be dead." Oh grandpa oh, oh grandpa oh! A lot of time has passed after that. They have excavated the earth millimeter by millimeter for 165 years and not even one single intermediary fossil has been discovered my grandpa Darwin. What you have said was proven to me true, there really is no evolution theory. Cause he says; "If intermediary fossils are not discovered; we have looked for it yet we couldn't find up until now. Not even one single such fossil has come up," he says, "we have looked for in in every layer of the earth yet we couldn't find it," he says. "If it is not found in any way then my theory would be proven to turn up to be false." So the fossils have turned the man's theory to be false, insha'Allah 

Ms. EBRU : Masha'Allah. Master, among those fossils found [in his cabinet] there is also a fossil of a club moss tree aging 300 million years. And it is the exact same of what we have today. 

ADNAN OKTAR: All of them are proving the Creation. There is not even one single fossil that would serve Darwin's theory of evolution. He is saying this even in his own age anyway, he says; "There is not even one single fossil that would not prove the Creation, that would contradict the Creation."  He says; "we have always found those that prove creation," he says, "not even one fossil that would prove the theory of evolution has yet been discovered," he says, "all the layers of the ground is being searched and it will continue to be searched," he says. "If nothing comes up then be aware that my theory is null," he says. Well grandpa what you have said has been proven to be true and we do know it to be null. 


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