Activities carried out before the establishment of the Unity of Islam are very precious.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated December 7th, 2011 



ADNAN OKTAR: Allah gives us such training, Allah gives us the training of the Heaven, so that we would never get enough of that person in the Heaven. For instance there are  houris there as well, but those huiris didn't ever face any difficulty, they haven't been through ordeals. And there are men of the Heaven. The young men of the Heaven. They are the same. The people coming from this world, people of the world, Muslims from this world would be loved the most. They are admired by them as well. For instance the men of Heaven and the houris admire the women in the Heaven, they admire the people of the Heaven, the young men of the Heaven. They love them just as we do. That is because they have been through many ordeals, they have suffered many hardships, they have proven their love for Allah and came there with a superior morality. The others are created as being bound to that morality. They do not have such a right to choose. But here the Muslim does have the right to choose. And he used that right in that direction. He used it on the side of beauty. And he had been tested with a thousand and one ordeals.

For instance people around him do not perform their prayers, but the Muslim does. The people around him do not mention the Name of Allah, he does. He is different. The more the number of the irreligious people are, the more good deeds that person would gain. The more the number of Muslims are, the lesser the deeds he would attain. That is why Allah has left the reign of Islam to the end. After Islam reigns the world, the man is performing his prayers, how much deeds would he gain from that prayer? For instance 10 deeds. At the time of the dajjal (anti-christ) how much deeds would one gain? A million. Look only 10 here and a million there. I mean there is an immense difference. For instance before the global reign of Islam, before the Union of Islam, before the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union.. Let us assume that a man spends a thousand liras on the way of Allah. He gives away a thousand liras for the good pleasure of Allah. He gains a thousand deeds. When?  When Islam is reigning, he gains a thousand deeds. How much would he be gaining at the time of the dajjal (anti-christ)? A trillion. That is because there is a great need for money. People are very much fond of money, they love money a lot. And even though he would love it with his lower-self, he defeats his lover-self and gives it to the poor and needy for the good pleasure of Allah. That is very desirable. For instance it is easy to perform prayers in a place in which everyone perform their prayers. That would seem very nice to the lower-self, that would seem very easy. But in a place where no one performs prayers, performing prayers would mean gaining a lot of good deeds. 

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