Explanation of the verses from the Surat Ar-Rum; Allah rewards Muslims with many blessings in the Heaven

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated December 10th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: Surat ar-Rum, verse 42, Almighty Allah decrees.. I seek refuge with Allah from the satan; "Say: ‘Travel about the earth.." How do we travel about the earth now? Through internet or through the remote control of the television. We press a button and travel from here to there. That is a form of travelling as well. Or we are researching on the internet and that is a form of travelling as well. "Say: ‘Travel about the earth.." That is also included in the travelling mentioned in the provision of this verse.  Of course, that is because there you press a button and you go to another country, you click a button and go to another country or another channel, you travel about. ".. and see the final fate of those before." Even an hour before, a week before will do as well, it might as well be a month before, or may be 10 minutes before. ".. and see the final fate of those before. " Allah tells us to see how Allah gave their reward, how He disgraced them, how He humiliated them, how He made them nothing, how He revealed all their indecency, immorality, ignobility, filthiness. [Allah says] "I am showing you these to see My Power, so that you see."

"Most of them were mushrikun." What does mushrikun mean? Those who do not abide by the command of Allah, but by the superstitions. They have their idols, they have ascribed this and that as their idols and they abide by that idol. You tell them to abide by the Qur'an, and they say; "We abide by this idol." They are idolaters. Allah says "see how I gave them their troubles." "So set your face firmly towards the True Religion, before a Day comes from Allah which cannot be turned back." That is the day Allah will act on it, ".. before a Day comes from Allah which cannot be turned back, set your face firmly towards the True Religion." What is the True Religion? Islam. What is Islam? The Qur'an. Allah says; " On that Day they will be split up."  

They will be split up; idolaters, hypocrites, unbeliever men and women, hypocrite men and women, Muslim men and women will all be split up.

"Those who were disbelievers will find that their disbelief was against themselves." They get themselves into trouble, they collapse spiritually, they collapse materially. They collapse as the country, economic crisis occurs, they are disgraced. "Those who did right.." those who act sincerely, ".. were making the way easy for themselves" Almighty Allah says that they are making their way, they are making their places in the Heaven. All the beautiful manners they adopt, all the good deeds they do, all the deeds they gain, are being prepared for them as a blessing in the Heaven, says Allah. For instance beds in the Heaven are being prepared as they do good deeds. As they do good deeds, their couches are being prepared, the women of Paradise are being prepared, the food of the Heaven is being prepared. They constantly are preparing their place says Almighty Allah. The preparation in the Heaven will continue as they do good deeds He says. Almighty Allah says "I will prepare the Heaven for them".

 ".. so that He(Allah) can repay with His bounty those who had faith and did right actions." It is to repay those who do sincere deeds, says Allah. "He certainly does not love the disbelievers," says Allah. What does He do when He doesn't love? He crushes their heads. Does Allah love the hypocrites? Almighty Allah hates them, and He crushes their heads as well, insha'Allah. The hatred of Almighty Allah is of course not like that of ours, insha'Allah.

"Before you We sent other Messengers to their people.. " meaning I have sent Mahdis, guides, prophets, ".. and they too brought them the Clear Signs." Clean signs meaning they clearly and openly bring the explanations of our Prophet (saas), the clarifications of the explanations of the Qur'an. They prove them and explain them. "We took revenge on those who did evil." Now the commands are explained and even though these are all explained they disgracefully deny, they ignobly resist. And Allah says that He took revenge because they resisted even after being informed. That is because they acted disgracefully. "We took revenge on those who did evil; and it is Our duty to help the believers. " Believers; meaning Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and his students. Those who abide by Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) for instance the Turkish Nation, the Islamic World, insha'Allah.

I seek refuge with Allah from the satan. Almighty Allah says in the 51st verse; "But if We send a wind, and they see it turning yellow, still they persist after that in being disbeliever." They see it turning yellow, for instance instead of thanking Allah, instead of being thankful, they are acting unthankfully, they are acting disgracefully. For instance Allah gives them blessings, Allah creates the portents of the End Times, Allah creates miracles, He creates wonders, but the man denies to see them, acts unthankfully. "You will not make dead men hear." Allah says that these men are dead. Their heads are dead, their brains are dead, their souls are dead. The man has the mind of an idolater, of a hypocrite. He is insane, meaning he is crazy, he has lost his mind. We call this dead. Allah calls them dead. ".. you will not make deaf men hear the call, when they turn their backs in flight." Explain as much as you like to the idolater, the idolater would still go after that filthy smell of the idolater. Just like a pig, he follows the idolater. You know the leaders in the pig herds and the other never leave their lead, right? That one eats filth, so this one eats as well in the pig herds, right? The pigs have their babies. The animal goes and eats filth, and they go and eat the same filth with them. Even if you explain they wouldn't understand that it is filth. You say that you are in filth, but that one is used to it. He raises his nose and his face is all covered with filth and still goes on doing the same filth. You tell them not to ascribe partners to Allah, and this one is in that idolater's system. You tell him not to be a hypocrite and he still is after hypocrisy. "You will not guide blind men from their misguidance." What does misguidance mean? They are misguided in their idolater mind, they are misguided, "You will not guide blind men from their misguidance." Explain as much as you like, they will not be guided to the right path says Allah. Allah does not let them. "You will not make anyone hear except for those who have faith in Our Signs .." That means the students of the Qur'an, those who abide by the Qur'an.. You can make those who have respect for the Qur'an, hear says Allah. ".. and so are the Muslims." Allah calls only those who abide by the Qur'an and says "so [they] are the Muslims," if they abide by the Qur'an. If they do not abide by the Qur'an Allah says that then they wouldn't be Muslims. 

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