Allah will manifest in the form of a very beautiful human in the Heaven.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated December 13th, 2011 

ADNAN OKTAR: The greatest blessing in the Heaven is to love Allah. The greatest love there is neither for the fountains of the Heaven, nor for the gardens of the Heaven. The greatest love is the love of Allah. We love the others very much because they are the manifestations of Allah. That is why we love the gardens of the Heaven, the people of the Heaven this much. From time to time  Almighty Allah manifests in the form of a human in the Hereafter. He manifests in the form of a very very beautiful human and says "Salam".  The verse states; "Salam! A word from a Merciful Lord."  For instance Almighty Allah says; "As-salamun alaykom" and the Muslims respond "Alaykom as-salam." That is the manifestation of Allah insha'Allah. Almighty Allah created such a beauty for Muslims to enjoy. 


We never become normal if we do not pass through this training, may Allah forbid. Some people say "we should have gone directly to the Heaven." Just think about it, what would happen if you had gone there directly? One would go and sit in a corner. You learn about love, you learn about compassion, you learn about mercy, you learn about profundity, you learn about the love of Allah, you learn about passion, you learn to trust Allah, you learn to submit to Allah. Look for instance Allah placed the Prophet Adam (pbuh) directly into the Heaven and just about in the first environment the satan starts enticing by saying; "Allah would not let you stay here for ever, you are not even aware of that."  It says; "Let me do a favor for you, there is a tree there, if you eat from the fruit of that, the information concerning infinity and that food would pass to your body and you will only become infinite after that.Normally you are not infinite, Allah does not tell you that. Look I am telling  you this as a favor."Allah says; "you should beware of getting close to that tree".  Allah knows the truth he thinks that this is the reason why Allah forbid him that tree. May Allah forbid there is a flaw in that, a flaw of prophet. In fact Allah tells him "you should keep away" Actually Allah is the One Who will create the infinity, that s obvious. In order to become infinite, they do not trust Allah - may Allah forbid- at that point and trust the satan instead and go eat that fruit. Allah says; "their private parts were disclosed to them." After that Almighty Allah takes them to the dimension of this world. That is how things would go, if we didn't go through a trial.  Look what happens after he is trained in this world? He becomes a Prophet of Determination. Now this time when he goes to the Heaven if the satan were to come to him and say; "this is the tree of infinity, you wouldn't become infinite if you do not eat from this," would he even care it?

Ms. AYLIN: Never, he would never believe it.

ADNAN OKTAR:  I mean after all that training? But when he didn't have this training, he did care. And that is a Prophet of Determination. Allah has created this incident with the Prophet Adam (pbuh) in order to show how necessary the training in this world is.  

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