There could be no condition for one to be able to read the Qur'an

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 15th, 2012  

ADNAN OKTAR: This message says; "Have a nice evening Master. We also support the Turkish Islvamic Union. I would like to ask you to look underneath the picture of a lady friend of ours who is reading the Qur'an. May Allah be your Love and your Helper." This is from Ms. Nursen. So she is reading the Qur'an while her hair is not covered and people say; "how can she read it like that?" But those men are allowed to swim in the sea with their underwear, they are free to do so [they claim]. So they swim with their long underwear. They are allowed to read the Qur'an. But if you are a woman, they bring about a thousand and one conditions. Why should a woman be obliged to cover her head while reading the Qur'an? What does it have to do with that? Where do you come up with these? What does her hair have to do with her reading the Qur'an? She is reading the Qur'an in her house, why should she cover her hair? If they have said that she should cover her hair while she is cooking then I could wrap my mind around it thinking that way she would be keeping her hair clean. But she is reading the Qur'an. Spotlessly clean Qur'an and spotlessly clean Muslim; why should she cover her hair? The aim there is to keep people distant from the Qur'an. We give the Qur'an to the non-Muslims. If we were to say "go and take a full ablution, go and take ablution," they wouldn't read that Qur'an. How could that be acceptable? The copies of the Qur'an are being distributed to thousands of people all over the world. Are those copies distributed because all these people have ablution? Do they give them the Qur'an after they make them take full ablution? In the Islamic countries, they distribute copies of the Qur'an everywhere. When they bring about a thousand and one conditions like this, they keep people distant from the Qur'an. They say; "First you have to take full ablution, then cover your head and the turn towards the Kiblah." But the one is reading the Qur'an inside a bus, how could she find the direction of the Kiblah? These are all strange, very strange conditions. They have set out everything that could keep them apart from the Qur'an. The man says for instance; "We wouldn't be able to understand the Qur'an even if we read it for forty years." I can show that to you if you like. This one is a scholar, a Nakshibandi scholar, a great scholar, a scholar of Islamic law. Other scholars claim that we cannot understand the Qur'an even if we read it for forty years as well. Allah says "the idolaters cannot understand the Qur'an." Allah says for the idolaters that there is an obscuring veil in their eyes, in their minds, so they cannot understand the Qur'an. And this one says; "I cannot understand the Qur'an even if I read it for forty years." Allah says that anyway. "You cannot understand it," He says. Allah says that;  "It is only the Muslims, those people of intelligence who understand the Qur'an." So Allah says that the Muslims do understand the Qur'an and He does not define an age limit for that. So from eight years old to seventy years old it is all free, all Muslims understand the Qur'an, says Allah. Yet the idolaters cannot understand it, says Allah and the idolater says; "I cannot understand it even if I read it for forty years." That is correct! You cannot understand it. You stupid head, of course you cannot understand it, because that is the command of the Qur'an. 

2012-07-11 23:24:18

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