Mourning and crying after those who die is forbidden by religion.


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 26th, 2012


ADNAN OKTAR: First of all, mourning is forbidden by religion. A Muslim would thus be gathered to Allah. And that would be a feast. That would be the Night of Union (Seb-i Arus). That is what Mawlana has been talking about. Being gathered to Allah is a means for joy, a means for a feast, not a means for crying. If one is crying that means he rebels to Allah. What do you mean by that? May Allah forbid, may Allah protect, I consider those who cry out of the excitement they feel in their hearts free of this but crying would mean to say "I do not believe in Allah [May Allah forbid] and this one dying has thus disappeared and got lost into the thin air. How nice it was when I had him in my possession, I've lost what I had," and cry in wails.  That is the logic that lies behind. That is unlawful. Idolaters would be doing that, those who are enemies to Allah would be doing that. Those who love Allah, when Allah takes back the life He had given, would feel joyous, they would say "there is a goodness in this," and would see the beauty in that. That is the Night of Union, it is a means to joy, a means to a feast. Insha'Allah we believe that he goes to the Heaven. What would crying mean? What would crying in wails mean?  It would come to mean - May Allah forbid- "I do not like what Allah has done?" That would mean -may Allah forbid- to see Allah unjust. What does mourning mean? You would thus be protesting against what Allah has created.  You are protesting the happenings. That is a protest of rebellion against Allah. To whom you are making that mourning, who would be the one to get that mourning, for whom do you do that? You do that against Allah. In Islam mourning is unlawful, that would not be acceptable. But one might cry because he feels an excitement in his heart, he might cry because he feels in love, he might cry out of fear of Allah. Yet crying because someone died, because Allah has taken one's life would be forbidden by religion. For instance when our Prophet's son, Hazrat Ibrahim, his little son, the sweetest of the world had died and the companions asked "O, the Messenger of Allah, are you crying as well?" And he responded saying; "I am not crying out of sorrow, I am crying out of excitement."  So he cries out of his love.  One might feel   overwhelmed by love. One might cry out of the sweetness of that little kid, out of the beauty of that little one, one might cry because he thus sees that beautiful law of Allah, he might cry because the deceased has gone to the Paradise so he cries out of happiness. That little one would thus be a child of the Paradise and the father might cry in joy of that, he might be crying thinking that his child is a martyr, he might be crying out of happiness. One would be going to disbelief if he cries out of sorrow. 

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