Cancer cells are under the command of Allah


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated January 4th, 2012 


ADNAN OKTAR: Cancer is created spesifically. Allah orders the cancer cell. To that single one, to that first cell, Almighty Allah says; "begin with the name of Allah." If you could ever get inside a cancer cell, it is like a big hall, it is all full inside and they all recite the name of Allah. The first cell starts with the name of Allah. Then comes the second, third and the disease enwraps the whole body. For instance now Allah has created drugs to fight cancer. The drug goes to the cancer cell and says; "Hi, here I come!" "Why did you come?" this one asks and it responds; "I came to kill you."  Saying "O Allah, Bismillah" the drug hits hard to the cancer cell and there it is the cancer cell is thus killed. Who is the One that gives life to the cancer cell? Allah. Who is the One that gives that drug the power to kill it? Allah, as well. I mean a [drug] molecule goes and kills that cell. It chops them off one by one, without leaving even a single one alive. Furthermore in the heat of that moment it goes and attacks the cells inside the stomach, the cells inside the mouth as well. But of course it doesn't cause that much harm in those cells. It doesn't do anything that would disrupt the quality of life of that person. Yet it kills the cancer cells, it completely destroys it. And that is also a Law of Allah, a Power of Allah. What is the aim in this?  To remind us about Allah. The servant would thus be shaken in such a manner that he would attain faith in a level of certainty and he prepares himself really well. Without that what could he do? He could only be prepared at a certain level. When Allah wants him to be prepared well, He uses that illness as an instrument. For instance, our friend Oktar used to be a bit giddy back in the day, I used to warn him as he was a bit giddy. After he had cancer he matured really well, he matured extra-ordinarily. His enthusiasm has increased, his endeavours have increased, his determination to strive in the path of Allah has increased. He became a completely different person. He used to be angry before, he really was angry but he turned out to be a very mild person, he became a forebearing person. So was that disease for his own good? Yes it was. Without that, may Allah forbid, he might have been devastated, he would have been devastated by now. Right? Look Allah has created that for his own good. What would he be if he had passed away with that illness? That would be fine as well because he would have been a martyr. Oh, Alhamdulillah, that would have been very nice as well. Yet, Allah intended to give him power over the Darwinists and materialists, right? Allah commanded all the cancer cells to die and they all did. All those millions of cells, all those billions of cancer cells wouldn't have died any other way, my brothers. Those cells are very insolent in nature. Allah has ordered those molecules (in the drug) to kill them and they chopped them all off and discarded them. They haven't left even a single one behind, not even one;  it was such a massacre that killed all the cancer cells in the body. It could have been possible for them to be hidden in a corner or something but that drug molecule went to even the farthest corners and killed them all one by one. None of them could escape.            

2012-07-18 19:22:24
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