The Existence of Allah is proven scientifically

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Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated May 28th, 2012 


ADNAN OKTAR: Now where is this watch manufactured? You say that it is manufactured in the factory. You say that there is someone manufacturing it, right? Do you scientifically claim anything on the contrary? You say that this is 100 % correct, right? You say this is 100% true, scientifically. That is a certain law.

Yet, it is not manufactured in the factory, Allah creates it in our brains. What are you going to do now? So much for your claim about the existence of Allah could not be proved scientifically.. What were you saying? You've swore that it was manufactured in the factory.  You say that it is hundred percent the case; this is a scientific fact you say.

And I am proving you that it is being created inside our brain by Allah with hundred percent certainty.  The one outside is something else; we never have any contact with the existence of the one outside. We do not know, we just believe in the existence of the one outside. No one knows the appearance of the watch outside. Up until now no one, including the prophets, has ever seen the one outside. Only Allah knows the existence of the one outside. We only believe in the existence of the one outside, we do not know. But what have you said? You swore that it was made in a factory. And you say that this is a scientific fact. You say that there is someone creating it, right? You say that there is someone who made it. Look, you've just proven the existence of Allah. You've just scientifically proven it. Yet you claimed that the existence of Allah could not be proven.. The reason is that everything has been created inside our brains. For instance the structure of this rosary alone.. If someone were to say that it has been formed by coincidences. Certainly the man would never accept it. He would say this is a scientific fact. It has been made by someone. If you claim that it has been made by someone, you would thus be accepting the existence of Allah in the same manner. That is because clearly Allah creates it inside your brain. 


2012-07-18 20:35:31

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