Joel Richardson is gravely mistaken in showing Turkey as the antichrist - 4

Excerpt from  Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated July 24th, 2012 

ADNAN OKTAR: Jerry Davis, the former priest and lawyer, responds to Joel; "In particular, it is impossible according to Biblical tradition for that people who will come from the north mentioned in Ezekiel to be the Turks. This is not open to interpretation. There is no question of the north of Jerusalem being the north. And in discussing the antichrist in Thessalonians he described how he will claim to be divine. It is impossible for a Muslim to announce his own divinity and mislead other Muslims." My brother, what Muslim will believe anyone who turns up and says that he is Allah? Is that at all possible? "And it is impossible to deceive Muslims in that sense; someone who depicts himself as a Christian might be more likely" he says. "Joel takes those parts of the Bible he wants to use," he says.

Of course I cannot say anything if he believes in the Trinity. That is a belief; but I do want him to be honest. Look, I repeat. Allah, the Holy Spirit and Jesus the Messiah – now I ask, which one of those can one pray to? Christians say to all three. What will you say if I advise you to pray to Allah? I do not, he says. So do you pray to the Holy Spirit? He says he only regards Jesus the Messiah as Allah and believes in him. And you can see the position of the Christian world as a result. In America you can count the number of young people who believe in Allah on the fingers of one hand. Christianity is increasingly collapsing and shrinking. Instead of saying that, you should say that Allah is One and that Jesus the Messiah is a prophet. Jesus the Messiah himself says that he is a servant of Allah. He prays to Allah. Jesus the Messiah never says that he is Allah. Everywhere he says that he is a servant of Allah and prays to Allah. How can Allah pray to Allah? My brother, he [Jesus Christ] sleeps and eats. Does Allah sleep and eat? He has physical needs. This is really unbelievable. It is quite astonishing. But when one asks, and there are Christian people I know and they come here and we dine together, they say we can regard Jesus the Messiah as a manifestation there, as a manifestation of Allah. All right, regard Jesus the Messiah as a manifestation of Allah. We also regard him as a manifestation of Allah. Isn't that right? The Torah refers to the children of Allah, referring to all believers, and I imagine that this belief must have come from that. I will clarify that passage later, insha'Allah.

2012-08-02 13:43:33

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