Joel Richardson is gravely mistaken in showing Turkey as the antichrist - 3

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated July 24th, 2012


ADNAN OKTAR: To sum up, Joel must stop thinking of the Islamic world as the antichrist. Of course there are antichrists in the Islamic world; there are antichrists among Christians, of course. But these are allied with one another. Compassionate and loving Muslims will ally themselves with Christians who believe in Allah and with affectionate, compassionate Jews who believe in Allah. And they will make the people of the world brothers and will live in peace. In other words, they will all believe in the same thing. For example, if one day the Mahdi says, may Allah forbid, and he never would say it, but let us imagine he did, "We must kill everyone," nobody would listen to him. They will listen to what is compatible with the Qur'an and the hadiths. If a Christian says let us kill everyone as they forge an alliance with the Mahdi, no Christian will listen to him. And if a Jew says let us kill all Christians and Muslims as he works together with the Mahdi, everyone will think he has gone crazy and nobody will have anything to do with him. So it is terribly wicked to declare that people who want peace are actually the antichrist. It is wrong to portray people who advocate brotherhood as the antichrist.

"If Erdogan wants war, you can be sure he is not the antichrist," he says. My brother, stop this, you are calling everyone you think of the antichrist. The Turkish nation is a very warm, reasonable and affectionate one made up of democratic and rational people. During the War of Independence, the Italians and the British and the French came and occupied us all. What was the Turkish nation meant to do? They fought a defensive war to save their lives. Who were the aggressors? Christians. And the defenders? Muslims. What were they doing? They defended the nation and themselves. What were they expected to do? Say come and crush us? They engaged in self-defense.

But of course I approach matters with affection. I have no anger or hatred. We will talk and discuss. He was rather irritable when he arrived, very tense, but I talked and calmed him down a bit. He was very, very angry toward Muslims and Islam. He was amazed when I treated him with affection, when I behaved warmly toward him. He even apologized for his clothing, and a bit for his behavior. He was very tense and irritable. (He later talked a lot about that.) Yes, he talked about it later. I appreciate that, but these theories of the antichrist and that kind of thing are very dangerous. That kind of language will endanger world peace and cause people to hate the Turkish world. You can call wicked people the antichrist, you can accuse Darwinists and materialists, communists, those among them who act wickedly and ruthlessly, terrorists who blow people up and kill, you can accuse them of being the antichrist, but it is terribly wrong to accuse a whole nation, a whole people, a whole religion. That is a great error. May Allah give him guidance.

But I will talk and explain matters. But if he is not given a reply… His books also sell in large numbers. There are Christian fanatics and neo-Nazis and the rest, and they go crazy when they read them. They go and set fire to Turkish people's homes and try and murder their children. The result is an extraordinary evil. What need is there for that? It is so wrong. Criticize bad people, draw people's attention to them. But good and sincere people regard it as a good thing to be brothers and espouse peace people to be brothers. And skepticism is very wrong; what if one day they try to kill all Christians… What kind of logic is that? It is like saying, what if the Sun splits in two one day and a rocket comes out of it, bringing spacemen with it. If the whole world has been called to peace, if Christians and Jews believe and you act together with them, then nobody will go along with the Mahdi if he appears and says, right, I am going to kill you all. What logic is that? It is of course impossible, but I am just saying so people will understand.


2012-08-02 13:51:27

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