Joel Richardson is gravely mistaken in showing Turkey as the antichrist - 2


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated July 24th, 2012


ADNAN OKTAR: "According to the Bible, the antichrist will appear before Jesus. The Mahdi awaited by all Muslims will come to unify all states at exactly that era." That time is now. "This is a resemblance that cannot be ignored." So the Mahdi is the antichrist, he is saying. In other words, if we have Islamic Unity, the antichrist has come. Look at the cunning of that. The bigots do not want Islamic Unity, either. I talk of peace and come in peace. "Oh, that is exactly one of the portents of the antichrist," he says. Should I appear with a sword in my hand? What should I do?

I said it before, and said it again, "In that case let us not do it." Being the antichrist is a very terrible thing. So why bother if we are going to be the antichrist? Let us abandon building the mosque, I said. That really offended him. He was all excited, then that excitement disappeared. He insists we comply with his signs and be the antichrist. In his book Antichrist: Islam's Awaited Messiah.. Look, this is a most provocative book. Instead of saying that, my brother, you should tell Christians and Muslims to be united, say that the Mahdi and Jesus should be allies, say you want world peace. And Turkey's military power is plain to see. Turkey only defends itself. Turkey has no means, education, character, spirit or military power to enable it to cut everywhere to pieces. Where did you get that idea from? Turkey is only able to cope with the PKK. We have no military force; we make no such claim. There is no question of us going around killing everyone. But you do not let us talk of peace. So what are we to do? Whom has Turkey ever attacked? It is a country that talks of its own legitimate rights and seeks love and affection. "In his book The Antichrist: Islam's Awaited Messiah, he claims that according to the Bible there are unbelievable similarities and parallels between the antichrist and the Muslim Mahdi, that both will come on white horses as political and military leaders to conquer the world, that both will collaborate with a false prophet and that they will establish a single world religion. In other words, he regards the global reign of Islam as the way of the antichrist. "Richardson cites a hadith that speaks of the Mahdi signing a 7-year agreement with the Romans via a Jewish intermediary; just like the antichrist in the Bible signing a 7-year agreement with the Jews." But the Mahdi forging an agreement with the Christian world and making an alliance with them is a most humane and peaceable course of action. What has that got to do with the system of the antichrist? No, I am not saying there are no Muslims with a wretched antichrist-like mentality, we are indeed engaged in opposition to the bigots day and night. There are one or two in every country, and there are several antichrist-like bigots in Turkey. "Most of the hadiths were the result of the influence of the Bible, since the Bible was in existence at that time. The Prophet Muhammed also obtained most of what he said about the End Times from the Bible." Fine. He also got it from the Torah. That is the same thing, as it also comes from revelation. But the sources are also in the Torah, the Zabur, the Injil and the Qur'an, as well as in the hadiths. A true stipulation, it will happen in the End Times… It is also in Noah's books. It is something all the prophets have known since the time of Adam, for which reason the fact it resembles the Injil shows that the Injil is a book based on revelation. It is not opposed to it. The same thing is in the Torah. Why should you not discuss it? It is also in the Zabur, so why should you not discuss it? The accounts in the Torah and the Zabur and the Injil and the hadtihs are in agreement, showing that the statement is true. It shows they come from the same source of revelation, from Almighty Allah. "According to Muslims, the Mahdi and the false Messiah will unite the entire Muslim world and re-establish the Ottoman Empire." But the hadiths do not refer to the Ottoman Empire. This is a most dishonest and unscientific claim. Who says the Ottoman Empire will rise again? There were good things about the Ottoman Empire, but it has nothing to do with the Ottoman Empire; the Ottoman system is now history. I mean, it may resemble the Ottoman Empire inasmuch as it resembles certain aspects of Islam, but the Ottoman Empire made blatant errors. Why should it be the Ottoman Empire?

"The false Jesus…" Look, they prepared the way for Jesus the Messiah. Since Jesus the Messiah will say that Allah is One, they are preparing the ground for him as the false Messiah. They want Jesus to say I am the Messiah or even, may Allah forbid, I am Allah. How can a human being who eats, sleeps and goes to the bathroom be Allah? You are saying that a human being who sleeps, eats, goes to the bathroom and feels hunger, a servant and prophet who prays to and beseeches Allah actually is Allah.

"Administrations will come to an end with the war of Gog and Magog and the real Jesus will come and the Islamic world will think that the true Jesus the Messiah is false." In other words, someone will appear and say he is Allah. That is how the antichrist will appear, claiming to be Allah. I mean, why should one call a human being who eats, Allah? There is such dishonesty there, my brother. Since you believe in three Gods, you say that Allah is tripartite, the Holy Ghost, Allah, and the Son; Jesus the Messiah. He says one can pray to the Holy Ghost. Fine. In fact, it is not [right], but let assume for a moment it is. He says one can also pray to Jesus the Messiah, and also to Allah. But why do you not pray to Allah out of these three deities? Since you have the right to choose, then choose Allah. Pray to Allah. They do not pray to the Holy Ghost and they do not pray to Allah. They pray to Jesus the Messiah. If there are 3 options, pray to Allah. Isn't that right? I say this, and there is no reply. My brother, pray directly to Allah. Isn't that right? Instead of praying to the son, the person you regard as the son, may Allah forbid, pray to Allah instead. In any case, Allah has no son. I will also set out where that belief stems from. No young Christian I have spoken to so far believes that Jesus the Messiah is Allah. My brother, he gets hungry and eats, he goes to the bathroom, he becomes tired and goes to sleep and he prays to Allah. How can he be Allah? How can a young person, a university student, believe it if he is told that "Jesus the Messiah is Allah."? May Allah forbid. They have created a great mass of faithless, irreligious Christians. Belief in Allah is very rare among Christians now. They followed that policy as if were a huge success and the result was enormous wickedness.

"John says in the Bible that peoples who come from the north will start the war of Gog and Magog, for which reason people used to believe that the Russians were Gog and Magog, yet …" Look, that time they were obsessed with the Russians. "Yet since it appears to be Turkey that will establish union, Gog and Magog must be the Turks!" In other words, he is of the opinion that the Turks are Gog and Magog. They believe that they should be eliminated in some way through war with the Turks and that the world will then be at ease. They believe that the annihilation through mass slaughter of the Turkish nation, the antichrist, will be beneficial. Because if Turkey and the Turkish nation are the system of the antichrist, since they cannot discriminate among them, then they need to be annihilated en masse. Because people who do not say that Allah is Three will need to disappear. Since the Turkish nation says that Allah is One, then they must all be supporters of the antichrist, may Allah forbid. Then all should be slaughtered according to their mindset. I do not understand this logic. I find it very wrong.

My brother, stop looking for the antichrist. The antichrist is irreligion. All atheist movements and Darwinist, materialist movements are the antichrist. There is no question of the antichrist emerging from devout Jews or devout Christians or devout and sincere Muslims, not from any of them. There is no such logic. You should leave this mindset. You say that Jesus the Messiah who will come will claim to be Allah and that he will live in the Temple in Jerusalem. Look at your own theory! Nothing like that can ever emerge from out of Islam, may Allah forbid. Otherwise there would be no more religion and faith. Muslims know better than to say such a thing. But what do you say? "When Jesus the Messiah comes he will claim to be Allah and will live in the Temple of Solomon." That will be in complete agreement with what you say, he would be the antichrist you describe. A Muslim will seek shelter in Allah in such a thing. A Muslim knows his place. Antichrist is the name of the entire system of wickedness. We will continue to correct Darwinism, materialism and communist thinking, not through killing and slaughter, but with affection and compassion. All this talk about blood rising to the level of horses' stomachs… Some Christians believe in that. Joel's friends also believe it. She says blood will rises to horses' stomachs. What is all this fascination with blood? We are living in the 21st century. People are open to ideas of all kinds. There is radio and television and the internet. You must convince people by talking to them. You must talk to them. They will either agree or disagree. If someone does not agree, why kill him? Whatever beliefs someone may hold, so long as he does you no harm, let him do as he likes.

Yes. Now Joel may find all this criticism a bit harsh. It may be a bit harsh, but I am telling the truth. I am saying what is true. I am saying nothing untrue. This is my answer to Joel. 

2012-08-02 14:00:47

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