Without love the world would be ruined

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated  July 25th, 2012 


ADNAN OKTAR: My brother, the life of this world is very short, so we should love one another. But not without the love for Allah.. Some people say, "let us love each other." Well my brother, [without the love of Allah] you cannot love. You would just hate each other, you will be irritated, you will be annoyed by them and you cannot feel love. Without the love for Allah, you wouldn't feel love for people. How can you love them? You would simply hate. You would see them all as a competitor. You would see them all as scoundrels, may Allah forbid. You would look at them with hatred, with rage. It is not possible to love a person without feeling a fervent love for Allah. Once you feel love for Allah, you could only love trees, plants, you would feel love for animals, for cats.. Without love this world would be ruined. Look, the economic crisis has started, and there is this very famous person. There is this very prominent family and he is an important member of that family, a person who has connections with that family. I mean he is one of those people ruling the world. He listened to me very carefully and said; "Master, I am very much effected by your speech." He is of Jewish origin. Yet he is a secular person, I mean he is not a religious person, he is not a devout Jew but his respect for religion is very well.

I said; "the world will be ruined if people do not love Allah, if they do not feel love for Allah." Economic crisis? Well we have said it will end in 2014 but then the crisis wouldn't come to an end in 2012.  Without the love for Allah , without a fervent love for Allah neither economic crisis, nor these earthquakes, nor these pain or sorrows would come to an end. In a world in which people feel hatred for each other, economic crisis is bound to occur. Why should the man want to manufacture anything, my brother? Why should there be quality in anything? Why should the man want to produce a beautiful food? He would just want to earn the most he can in the shortest time by producing the worst and the cheapest. And he would want to hide his money egotistically without giving it away to anyone. He wouldn't want to distribute it either. For instance he would want to produce a high quality food. I mean, may Allah forgive such people, but I am saying these for those who think like that, the man would say- may Allah forbid- "let them be stuffed!" He would say; "Why should I be doing a favor for them, why should I present a beauty for them?"  He would feel hatred. Everyone, every person around would be repellant for such a person. Not believing in Allah, not feeling love for Allah is a gruesome system. 

2012-08-12 18:49:26

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