Putting an end to the Darwinist materialist education would give a large scaled result against PKK


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 10th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: What did Ms. Canan Güvenli say? " Mr. Hüseyin I am curious, what is the take of devout people of Van on irreligious Apo? Do our grandmothers who perform their prayers call him a "leader"?" Well done! She seems to be a brave, intelligent girl. Mr. Huseyin Çelik, he is one of the bravest people of Van, masha'Allah. Mr. Hüseyin Çelik is a very devout, very favorable and nice person. In short he said; "Devout people wouldn't call a Marxist, Leninist person a "leader"." That is very nice. They wouldn't call him that but when they receive a long termed Darwinist-materialist education, they might as well say that. The number of those who call him a "leader" is not that low at the moment. The man has come to a level that he would be able to get in negotiations or in debates with the state. So that means a certain number of people have been formed [around him]. I mean they have a considerable number of people. Doesn't Abdullah Ocalan have talks with the government? He does. In that case, what is it that should be done? It is putting an end to the Darwinist Materialist education. That is because in the textbooks of the state, in biology textbooks, in history textbooks, philosophy textbooks, in sociology textbooks, there are hundreds of pages of Darwinist propaganda. And the response to it is not given, the scientific response to that is not there. There is only one sided Darwinist propaganda [in those books]. What does Darwinist espouse? It claims that the universe is created by coincidences. It claims that the universe, all the living beings you see, everything have been created by coincidences, as the result of a chain of coincidences. What does this mean? It means – may Allah forbid- that Allah does not exist. That is an education in that sense. Well if people receive such an education.. what does our sister say here? ".. What is the take of devout people on irreligious Apo?" Does the Darwinist education recognize religion? It does not anyway. Could religion be in Darwinist education system? You are not saying that "Allah has created everything." You are saying that everything has come into existence as the result of coincidences. You do not accept the Might of Allah in the Darwinist way of thinking. Well then why do people feel surprised to see that Apo is an unbeliever? Well, okay we might be surprised but that is the way the man has been educated. He is graduated from the faculty of political sciences. There is a Darwinist materialist education in the political sciences faculty as well. Abdullah Ocalan is graduated from Ankara [University] Political Sciences [faculty]. Teachers there are teaching Darwinism materialism day and night. He is educated in that way in senior high, junior high and in university. Darwinist materialist education is going on regularly in the institutions of the state. And this man says that he has become irreligious. Well, in the textbooks of the state there is no manner of speech that accepts religion anyway. I mean they are all explaining supposedly how the universe came into being by coincidences through sketches and drawings and they do not say Allah has created the universe. For that reason yes there are some religious people but they could only stand against and defeat Darwinism with the efforts we made day and night. That is not the case in the world. For our work to get easier Darwinist materialist education should be given even more extensively in the textbooks of the state yet the scientific response to such claims should  also be given extensively in the same manner. If that is ensured, it would be all good. Apart from that, people might call him "a leader" or anything else. You see the risky environment yourselves, you see the situation we have in Turkey.  There is a serious danger of separation in Turkey and that is not possible to miss.  If people didn't see him as their leader, who is our government having talks with? It appears as though he is the leader of many people so that they talk about him saying "Imralı". What they call Imralı is actually Abdullah Öcalan. They are not pronouncing his name, but that is him. So that means a large mass accepts him as their leader, that means the damage is done anyway. This is the result yielded by the Darwinist materialist education. For that reason Darwinist materialist education needs to be stopped. There might be some certain cases that it does not yield such results but this is the large scaled result it ends up with, or this is the result it might give. We need to think accordingly and act accordingly. 

2013-01-18 06:50:10

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