Allah takes away all the blessings He bestows upon a community who says that everything came into existence by means of coincidences.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 8th, 2013


DIDEM URER: The Director General of International Committee of Red Cross claiming that Europe is rapidly heading towards collapse said the followings; "European citizens are suffering from an extraordinary pressure brought upon them by the economic crisis and a growing stress stemming from becoming poorer every passing day. Especially in South European countries like Spain and Greece in which people are rapidly heading towards poverty line in masses, we are expecting rebellions and similar protest movements.   As of today 120 million EU citizens are living below the European poverty line."

ADNAN OKTAR: Allah does not bring the Last Day because of Hazrat Mahdi. Otherwise this rebellion of the Europeans against Allah and their saying that everything came into existence through coincidences are statements that would cause the resentment of Allah. [You show] oranges and they say; "this has come to existence through coincidences as a result of evolution." What about tangerines? "That has come into existence through coincidences well." How about grapes, cherries, melons, watermelons, plums? "All of them, all of them have come into existence through coincidences," they say.

Well then, you would be thus denying all the blessings of Allah and you do not give your thanks to Allah, if you do not give your thanks to Allah, Allah would give a scourge on you. If you do not thank Allah, He would give a scourge on you. You are saying "Allah did not do these." Who creates the beautiful smell of melons, Who creates melons? Allah creates them. Who creates the beautiful taste of watermelons? Allah creates them. Cherries are exquisite, Who creates them? Allah. Bananas? One is more beautiful than the other. They all have beautiful smells. Their appearances are stunningly beautiful. You ask; "How did they come into existence?" They respond; "by coincidences, they came into existence as the result of coincidences!" What about the sheep, lambs, butterflies? "They all came into existence as the result of coincidences as well," they say. So? And then they say; "We want to live in great comfort in this world. We want to live an economically wealthy, prosperous life, we want to live in rejoice with the blessings Allah gives but we do not want to accept that Allah is the One Who created them all and we do not accept it. They all happened through coincidences!" Well then, scourges will rain down upon you, what is it that you are surprised about? They attempt to explain everything by means of coincidences. And so Allah strips them off those blessings. 

2013-02-07 22:56:55

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