The US plan for Armageddon will be terminated when the Unity of Islam is established


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 8th, 2013


ADNAN OKTAR: Once we establish the Unity of Islam, we will see that this insane project of the US will be done away with. They say; "First we will have a communist dictatorship established." Well, after that? "After that, we will devastate them with bombardments, with air raids. That is because the US is very competent about that, they are very competent about air raids. They do not bat an eyelid. They produce lots of rockets. They have developed a very fine technology for air raids. They are not that skilled in guerilla combat. I mean they really do not have that much strength against guerillas. They've been defeated in Vietnam and everywhere else in that style. But after letting them become urbanized and become a state, they will say that it is a communist state and say that they will crash them. They will ask Turkey and what could Turkey say about this? May Allah forbid, this is all according to their own mindset. They will be asking other countries about what they would say for such an attack. Many of them would possibly say "okay, do whatever you've got to do." Or they hope that they would say so. May Allah forbid they are just planning to raze them to the ground. They will rain down hundred thousands, millions of bombs and raze them to the ground. Later on they will say; "Okay, we have saved this place. Armenians used to live in these lands, this is their land, let us give this land to them!" Who can object to that? According to their mindset there will be no one to object this. After that they are thinking about an Armageddon. They are considering this first phase as the preliminary Armageddon but they are actually thinking about squaring accounts with Israel after that. People should not be deceived by this trick. Let us establish the Unity of Islam. I mean, I do not want to puzzle them right now but let me state this much; there is an insane system that American neo-cons have insanely established about a hundred years ago, an insane Project. They insistently want to implement this. People should not accept this, they should submit to the Unity of Islam and all will be solved. Everyone will be in peace, everyone will be fine. Kurds, Laz and Circassians will all be very wealthy and we will all enjoy freedom. There would be no more communist danger in the World and the matter will all be solved. Otherwise there will be no peace may Allah forbid. 

2013-02-09 06:16:53

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