We support our Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, he is a very important politician who advocates the Turkish Islamic Union.


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March 1st, 2013


DİDEM ÜRER: Master, Mr. Davutoğlu was asked if the region was heading towards sharing a common fate in the Middle East. And he said that the last century in the region, the century after the falling apart of the Ottoman Empire was a parenthesis of an era.  He said that now they will be closing this era in which the countries in the region remained apart from each other and by respecting the current borders of each country, he emphasized that they will be turning back to the history. He said; "History was revolting against these borders set in between the countries in the region anyway." And he gave a speech implying the Turkish-Islamic Union.

ADNAN OKTAR: Our Master is amazing. Our Master is a person advocating the Unity of Islam, a person advocating the Turkish Islamic Union. He is a person well suiting his Ottoman ancestry. He is a person expressing the spirit of the government. He is a nice person, our people should trust him. We love him, we support him as well. His path is blessed. His way is the way of the system of the Mahdi. The way of the system of the Mahdi, is the way that is always open. Other ways are always blocked. You might think that you can follow that way, yet you hit your head on the wall. You might imagine that you can follow that way, but you go and hit your head to a stone. When you follow the way of the system of the Mahdi you fly like the birds do. If you do not leave that way, you fly like the birds do, you never come across an obstacle. Because he is on the right path, our dear Minister should go on and he will be successful. Hazrat Khidr is by his side. He will continue on the way of the system of the Mahdi.   

2013-03-11 04:02:59
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