Mr. Daniel Pipes should promote peace

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation on A9TV dated May 21st, 2013


Adnan Oktar: Why do people in this world are in conflict with each other, Didem? I fail to understand that!

Didem Ürer: Master, really! I mean, while it was possible to live in such a comfort!

Adnan Oktar: Allah Allah.. All those vacant vast lands, fertile soils.. and still the vast majority of people are in conflict with each other. They are launching bombs and firing bullets on children and women day and night.

Didem Ürer: Actually just as you always tell us, this is a manifestation of the signs of Allah. Allah says; “[Those who disbelief are the friends and protectors of one another.] If you do not act in this way there will be turmoil in the land and great corruption.” Allah knows the truth, that is a responsibility on all Muslims.

Adnan Oktar: “Being friends and protectors of one another” means the Unity of Islam.

Didem Ürer: Yes..

Adnan Oktar: Allah says; “If you do not form a community supporting one another, if you do not form a community devoted to each other, if you do not form a union, there will be turmoil in the land and great corruption and you will all be devastated.” And that happens just like Allah says it will. However [Referring to the bloodshed in Syria] some writers overseas secretly support this situation in one sense. That is unbecoming. They sometimes fail to calculate where their words will lead. Mr. Daniel Pipes, for example.. He is apparently of Jewish origin. I did not know that, I imagined he was a Christian. But he is apparently a Jew.

Well my brother, if you are a Jew, why do you not look at the Torah. The Torah always speaks of love and affection and compassion. It always speaks of forgiveness and treating one's neighbors well. It speaks of preventing conflict. It says that in the End Times, the last times of the world, all weapons will be abolished, there will be absolute peace in the world, wars will come to a complete end, all people will turn to Allah, there will be wonderful social justice and the world will become a place of rejoicing.

Actually, Daniel's name is a very beautiful name, masha'Allah. It is the name of a prophet.

What did he say? He said he was disappointed by what I said. Well, am I right or not? What does he say with regards to Syria? "When we look at the horrible Islamist rebels and the horrible Assad regime.. "  All right, yes, correct, there is indeed a climate of violence. "I do not want either the radicals or the supporters of Assad to emerge triumphant." Here is where it starts going wrong. "It would be much better for us when they are focused on each other…" Do you know what focusing on one another means? Killing one another. What is this focusing on one another? A huge fight. Allah commands in Torah to make peace between fighting sides, He commands to make peace, to abolish arms and to stop the bloodshed.

Aylin Kocaman: The Torah reads; “What a fine thing it is to live as brothers..”

Adnan Oktar: Yes, "What a fine thing it is to live as brothers", [Torah] says. But what are you saying here ? "It would be much better for us when they are focused on each another." How does such a thing happen? Well, you are a Jewish person, you should be obeying the command of Allah.

[He says:] "But this as a strategic point of view, it is not a humanitarian point of view." Well my brother, you are a human being, how could strategy and human beings be kept separate? Strategy is for human beings. What is strategy for? Look, he says, "But this is a strategic point of view, I do not mean it as a humanitarian point of view." You should say things from a humanitarian point of view; you should speak as a Jew and as a believer in Allah. "I have great sympathy for Syrian people and my heart bleeds…" All right, your words of human love are very fine. ".. for those who are suffering in Syria." he means he feels compassion for them. That is good. [He says:] "We did this in the Iran-Iraq War. Although we did not like him, we helped the monster Saddam so that Khomeini should not win." This is no acceptable logic. It is unacceptable to give weapons to a man like Saddam and want him to kill other Muslims, anyway. I mean, if someone has made an error once, that error cannot be adopted as a model for further errors. You have made an error there, in the beginning. How can a ferocious dajjal (antichrist) such as Saddam be given weapons? How can he be told to go and attack people? If there are things wrong with the Iranian regime, [we can convince them] with science, knowledge, wisdom, power. If necessary an embargo can be imposed, or we can educate them. Results can be obtained by the employment of wisdom.

The Torah has promised this. Almighty Allah says in the Torah that Moshiach will triumph, not with force, in other words not with tanks and guns, but with the power of Allah..

Well you are a sensible writer, therefore is it appropriate of you to say that? The AKP espouses democracy and human rights and love… It is wrong to mention the AKP in the same breath as them [referring to radical groups]. That is not an honest approach. [He says:] "I do not want them to rule in Damascus." My brother, if the AKP mentality were in charge in Damascus the place would have become one of milk and honey. The AKP is not anti-democratic, there is no wrong in their doings. They may make mistakes, anyone can make a mistake. Let people say so [the mistakes of AKP] and I will warn them. If they say this or that is wrong, I will make that very clear to them. If something is wrong, I will say so, I wouldn't make excuses for their mistakes. Look, [He says:] "I do not want Islamists to rule in Damascus, I do not want them to turn their guns on us." They shouldn't turn their guns on anyone anyway. Not just on us or on you, but on anyone. Look, here is the most terrible thing he says; "Let us leave them to fight one another." Is that at all acceptable? What does Almighty Allah say in the Torah? Put an end to wars, and let there be no bloodshed, He says. What are you saying? You say, let's leave them to their fighting. If two parties are fighting, we have a duty to separate them. This is a state of affairs that stems from their ignorance and lack of education.

I fail to understand how someone with the name of a prophet, someone of Jewish origins, someone raised among Jews, who knows the Torah and who knows the Qur'an very well, could fasten on such a view. Maybe he is under the influence of Darwinism and materialism; a strong possibility. I do not know him in detail. For example, he says, "I am against militant Islam." Well okay, that is fine. So are we. So you should enforce the commandment of the Torah and Quran and espouse love. The Torah has so many things to say about peace and putting an end to bloodshed. There is no end to these words in Torah about peace, not one, not two, not ten, not twenty.. Almighty Allah says you can achieve this with the help of Allah. We are in the time of the Messiah, of Moshiach. But if he, in the full knowledge of this, uses such turns of phrases and says; "Let them fight one another," then [the radicals] will say, "Let them fight one another, too."

We will say; “these brothers of ours are Jewish, for instance Daniel is a writer and he also is a Jew. He is a devout person, you should approach him with compassion.” But they [the radicals] would tell us; “look what he is telling about us: “Let them fight one another, let them kill one another, let them focus on each other.” Is he not encouraging war by that?” they will say. What should we say to them then? I mean there has to be a serious difference in between. The radicals encourage war and you do the same. How could that be acceptable? You should say you are against war. You must support peace. Espouse peace with determination, and Allah will help you. Leave the rest to Him. If someone is evil, Allah will deal with evil people.

Yes, let me read some of the commandments about peace in the Torah and the Qur'an, so Daniel Pipes can also use them in his writings and talks, insha'Allah. Let us send those commandments to him, as well. Let us send him those commandments in the Torah.

Didem Ürer: Here are the passages that you’ve asked for Master.  

Adnan Oktar: Look in Psalms, 133:1 "How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!" That is from the Torah. Allah says this in the Torah.

" For he [Solomon] ruled over all the kingdoms... and had peace on all sides." 1 Kings, 4:24

Proverbs, 12:20 "There is deceit in the hearts of those who plot evil...", in other words people who espouse war, bloodshed. "... but joy for those who promote peace." Look, Allah says in the Torah that their hearts are false, while the hearts of those who espouse peace are full of joy. That is in the Torah. That is the commandment of Allah.

Psalms, 34:14 "Turn from evil and do good .." What is evil? Killing people, inflicting pain on people. ".. and do good.." What is goodness? It is peace, brotherhood and helping. "… seek peace.. " What is it? Peace and tranquility. ".. and pursue it." Seek peace and pursue it.

".. Did not one God create us? Why do we profane the covenant of our fathers by breaking faith with one another?" Malachi, 2:10 Look, this is very significant. "Did not one God create us?" Muslims and Jews believe in the One Allah. What does Almighty Allah say? "Did not one God create us?" In Malachi section. "Why do we profane the covenant of our fathers by breaking faith with one another?" Who are their forefathers? The prophets Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. “.. breaking faith with one another?” There is terrible conflict at the moment. Allah is condemning that here.

"Consider the blameless, observe the upright" There is also a reference to Moshiach, the Messiah here.  "There is a future for the man of peace." (Psalms, 37:37) We have come to these tomorrows. The tomorrow referred to in the Torah is today. And it belongs those who love peace..  The man who is authorized is the Mahdi, Moshiach. Why are Muslims awaiting him? For the approval of Allah. We waited for that person, for Moshiach and Allah has bestowed that authorized one, upon us. Insha'Allah.

" I am for peace, but when I speak (peace to them) they are (promoting) war." Psalms, 120:7 Look, "I am a man of peace.. " You are a Jew, so you be a man of peace as well. “..but when I speak (peace to them) they are (promoting) war.” See that you are thus promoting war as well. How is that acceptable? That is not acceptable.

Isaiah, 14:7 "All the lands are at rest and at peace; they break into singing." There will be a time in which they will sing in peace and Torah refers to that time. Look, the whole world is singing in peace and well-being. There will be a day, a year of rejoicing, a time of rejoicing, and people will cry out in joy and well-being. The Torah expresses the joy of those wondrous days with those words.

Isaiah, 60:17 "Instead of bronze I will bring you gold…" Bronze looks like false gold. It is yellow, but [it is not] real gold. "… and silver in place of iron." Look at the beauty of wealth. "… Instead of wood I will bring you bronze, and iron in place of stones..." The best of everything, in other words. "I will make peace your governor and righteousness your ruler." I will make peace your governor – who does that refer to? Moshiach, the Messiah. Man of peace. Another name of is his peace. Moshiach. Allah says, "I will make peace and righteousness your governor". What is righteousness? The righteousness is again Moshiach, Mahdi.

"... And the battle bow will be broken. He [your King] will proclaim peace to the nations..." Who is the king? The Moshiach, Mahdi. Who is the nation? All the nations in the world. How will he make the peace heard? He will proclaim peace over the television the radio and the internet. Zechariah, 9:10. What does it mean; the battle bow will be broken? All tanks, guns and weapons of all kinds will be eliminated.

"If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink…" But you are saying; they should kill one another. But we are told "If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head…" What does it mean? You must lead people to the truth with love and moral virtues. Not by making people fight and kill one another. "… and the Lord will reward you." (Proverbs, 25:21-22) Allah says, He is your Helper. If you encourage someone to war, he will say you are saying the same thing. [They will say]: We are also saying it can be solved with war, and he is saying the same. Then what are we supposed to say to stop those people?

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