The USA is an important country for the world (28.08.2013)

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 28th 2013

ADNAN OKTAR:  The United States of America is a blessing for the world.  If the world loses the US, they would be losing this blessing because the US is a beautiful blessing. It is the country of joyful people, of cheerful, beautiful people. It is the country of people advocating democracy, of people advocating freedoms. Every person has a dream about the US. "Let us be free, let us go there and live freely." Many people have such an aspiration. Now that these people advocate such beauties -and they are physically beautiful as well- they are people who attract attention with their kindness, with their politeness and respect. You've all been to the US.


ADNAN OKTAR:  You've all been treated very well. You've all been treated with respect, love and kindness. We cannot see this in any other country. Seeing that this is a country of these beauties, a country of love, the world should protect the US, the Islamic countries should protect the US; especially Turkey should protect the US. Let the US be strong, let them be healthy, let their people be happy and cheerful so that they can be able to distribute love and beauty to the world. For instance, it would be remorselessness to hang the US out to dry in this economic crisis. Note that in every single incident everyone comes up and says; "O America, you go and save them!" When asked; "how about you?" they say; "no, I will stay on the sidelines." Afterwards when asked what their opinion about the US is, they say; "the US is the second satan." Well my brother, you keep saying that the US is a satan and then you ask them to go and save others! You say; "O America, are you sleeping?" Well, you go there then. But they say; "We can't go anywhere!" When we ask them "what do think of the US?" they say; "it is the second satan, it is the big satan." And then they say; "Go and save them!" How can satan go save people then? What you are doing is a shame. It is shameful. The US has it's mistakes, that is true; they have their own faults that is correct. Clean them all, set them to one side and keep in mind that their nice characteristics are 90%, bring forth those beautiful aspects and set aside those 10% wrongful aspects.  That can only be done by protecting, with compassion, with mercy and love. Give support to their economics, give support to their people, support them in terms of morale, be friends with them and then we can embrace the whole world altogether. Since God gave them good sense, good technology and a good sense of democracy; that is a good thing, that is a ready to use blessing; we need to make good use of that. What would you have done if it were a communist state? What would you have done if it were a dictatorship like North Korea? How nice they are? These people enjoy utmost freedom there. They do not have high walls surrounding their houses, they do not have such protection, they do not have cameras, they don't have this and that so you can enter as ever you like. I mean they do not have such private gardens. When you go visit someone's house, you pass by their garden before you reach the house. I mean they don't say; "this is my private garden, you cannot pass by!" You can pass by their garden as you like, you can be neighborly as you like, you can have conversations with them as you like. Leaving such beautiful people alone and attempting to oppress them saying; "you are the satan, you are evil" would not be compliant with good-conscious. Yet they also say; "Israel is the second satan!" And they say as their second wish; "we will scrape this country and their people off the face of this world! Damn Israel!"  May God forbid, when you say "Damn Israel!" to whom are you talking about? You are talking about the Prophet Israel (pbuh). The Prophet Jacob's name is mentioned in the Qur'an as "Israel", Israel is the name given to the Prophet Jacob (pbuh). He is the Prophet Israel (pbuh) and you say, may God forbid, "Damn Israel!" Approach them with love, with compassion. Let Israel be devout, be bountiful, let there be democracy in those lands. If you approach them with compassion they wouldn't have such querulous reaction towards you, you would only see good from them.  Look, I have a copy of the Torah here with me. The Torah always speaks about love, compassion and mercy.  Why do you not pull these people towards religiousness? The rate of religious people in Israel is only 30% and that is a grave situation. Let us pray that the rate of the religious ones there would be 70-80%. Let Israel be devout, let it be a bountiful country. Let the borders be abolished. Let us rebuild the masjeed of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh), let us rebuild the palace of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). Let those people be in Jordan as well, let them come to Diyarbakır, let them be everywhere. Why do you want them to be ruined? When you want their ruin, God brings about your ruin as well. God ruins those who want people's ruin. Wish for the happiness of people. Let Russia live in peace. Calling them "Moscovy" or so, these people ask for their ruin as well. Well, why would you want their ruin?  China for instance, these people are asking for their ruin. Well, why would you want their ruin? May God give them guidance. Those poor people are being crashed here and there anyway. May God save them, may God not let them in the spirit of persecution, may God not let them near persecution. For instance, we need to make East Turkestan bosom friends with China. May East Turkestan be the place where the most beloved ones of China live. Let Chinese become one of the most beloved ones of the people of East Turkestan.  Let religion prevail in China, let Islam spread all over China, let the understanding of modern Islam spread in China and let everyone be happy. And the state of China should not be destroyed, it should remain standing and be permanent. Why should we want them to be destroyed, we would want them to be devout. May China become religious and thus be happy. May God give freedom to East Turkestan as well and may God make them live like brothers with China in peace and tranquility. God would give us victory only if we want these. [If all we have are] Fights, wars, bloodshed, vileness, hanging and chopping up others, God would turn the world into a living Hell. That is not acceptable.            

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