The answer to the question; "How can we be free when God knows everything?"

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated September 11th, 2013

ADNAN OKTAR: "How can we have free will if God knows everything? As He knows everything that we will be doing, wouldn't He surely know if we will go to Heaven or Hell in the end? If He knows that, that means we are not free. If He does not, wouldn't it be in conflict with Creation? Thank you."

Well, there is only one single moment and when there is only one single moment; that is how everything happens. Time is belief. There is no such thing as "time". Because you are inside "time" surely it should seem very strange for you. First of all the concept of time is engraved to your brain as a form of belief, so you cannot be freed from it. Time is dragging you on in your brain.  Well, there is no time outside, there is only one moment. There is only one, single moment. Do you know how much "time" is "a moment"? An infinitely short period of time is called a moment. An infinitely short period of time.. God has created infinitely long period of time within that infinitely short period of time. And now you are telling me to explain destiny to you. Well, this is what destiny is. Time is a belief in your brain. I have explained this many times in the past. Look now.. this is a noise. Try to remember it. You remember it.. Now, make a comparison in between these two noises. Where do you compare them? In your brain. Here is time for you. You obtain that notion of time by making a comparison in your brain but there is no time outside. There is only a moment. As everything is over and done within a moment, understand whatever you like from that. You've done everything within that single moment. I mean within an infinitely short period of time you're done and finished with everything. Who enabled you to do all those? God enabled you to do everything. Are you able to perceive this? You are not. Why can you not perceive it? Well, weigh your brain and see. Think about it and look at the volume of it. And have a look at the Wisdom of God. In comparison to the Wisdom of God, we are nothing. We are merely manifestations when compared to the Wisdom of God. Yet what I've just explained is a scientific fact. Einstein says so. He says that there is no such thing to be called "time". He says that "time" is a form of perception. And he also says that there is no such thing to be called "space" either. He says that it is a form of perception as well. For instance we say; "the space so huge!" Another living being might simply take the whole space in his hand just like this bead in the rosary and say; "well, what is this which keeps gradually expanding?" "This is gradually expanding," he might say. The whole universe is only that big for him. But it is huge for you. And for another, the whole universe might be as small as it could be seen under the microscope. Yet for another it might be as small as could be seen under an electron-microscope and for another it might be so small that it wouldn't even be seen under an electron-microscope. How is that possible? It is wondrous. The way God creates is wondrous. That is the way God creates. It is always wondrous, always extraordinary. 

2013-10-21 00:44:22

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