The whole world can trust Hakan Fidan with their minds at peace

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 14th, 2013

Didem Ürer: Last week reports were published in the world press claiming that Hakan Fidan is the most important person who organized the Syrian opposition and that he is close to Iran. Former US Ambassador James Jeffrey, in his interview with Wall Street Journal said; " Hakan Fidan is the face of the new Middle East" and stated that he is not really a friend of the US.  

Adnan Oktar: Well, they can trust Hakan Fidan, the whole world can. I guarantee that, insha'Allah. He is a very brave man. He is a religious man. He is a very trustworthy person who thinks deep, who loves his homeland, his country, who takes great pleasure from the Islamic Union, from the Turkish-Islamic Union. Let me state that much so that you could understand. He is such a brave man. Since I am giving such a guarantee, the whole matter should be closed. Masha'Allah. Yes Didem, I am listening to you.

Didem Urer: About this, it is claimed that Hakan Fidan's independent attitude in respect of Syria and Egypt disturbs CIA and Mossad, that it even annoys them and that both of those intelligence agencies are making attempts to defame Turkey's reputation over incidents like Gezi Park and Syria.

Adnan Oktar: Well, they cannot do anything with Gezi or anything. Turkey is a very great country. Let us compare these attempts to a rabbit walking on a lion. No such thing can be attained by that. Furthermore, how nice that in Gezi incidents youngsters showed the world that Turkey is a democratic country, that there is a lively, dynamic Turkey. Our people played pots and pans.. That was nice as well. That showed that they are able to protest some things when they feel like it. The world saw this, they saw the democratic face of Turkey. That was nice. But of course the things they've done with Molotov cocktails, with bombs etc. were unacceptable, these are ignominies, these were against good conscience. Especially attempts against the police officers. They are protecting our lives, our possessions, our honor and they are putting their lives on the line to defend those. They are all very young men and attempting to injure them would be against good conscience. But Turkey will always go towards better, Turkey will grow and become Turan. Turkey will grow and embrace the whole Islamic Union. A great Turkish-Islamic Union, a great Islamic Union will be established. There are some secret heroes [striving to achieve that] and some evident heroes, there are some brave men working to that end. Everyone is putting their efforts from one end. And Hakan Fidan is working from that end. He indeed has a sincere effort and it can be spotted. That is a successful effort in front of the eyes of the whole world. He wouldn't do anything crooked. He is a man of good conscience, insha'Allah. Yes Didem I am listening to you.

Didem Ürer: Master, Cem Küçük wrote that the attack towards Hakan Fidan was actually made to send a reference to our PM Erdoğan and that the Neocons of the US are in an alliance with Israel,  Germans and England to divide Ak Party.

Adnan Oktar: Well then they've undertaken a very difficult job. It wouldn't matter where ever they land on, nothing would ever come from that. These are all vain attempts. The philosophical foundation of Turkey is a good one. What is the philosophical foundation? We've routed Darwinism, materialism. Consequently we've intellectually broken the hands and legs of the Communist, Marxist way of thinking with science.  The government's hands are at ease at the moment. But if we hadn't defeated Darwinism, materialism, if the philosophical basis of the government were corrupt… And that was the case in the time of the Democratic party and they've defeated them in an instant. Also at the time of Demirel, the government lacked the philosophical basis, they didn't have a foundation, a stand point. The governments were always aloft, in the time of Menderes, in the time of Özal the governments were always aloft, they just survived, God protected them. The right wing barely survived. But right now, we've planted their legs on steel. Once we've defeated Darwinism, materialism, even a weak government could stand comfortably on this firm foundation. And if you pay attention you'll see that they remain standing firmly. Everyone is supporting such attempts trying to pull them down but no such thing happened and it won't. That is because there is the Promise of God, the Islamic Union will be established, Mahdi will appear, the Prophet Jesus Messiah will come.  In my opinion, Jesus has come, I understand that from the false Messiahs.

Didem Ürer: Yes.. Wall Street Journal is the newspaper of Neocons. In this article, in between the lines, they employed a threatening language that threatens PM Erdogan and Hakan Fidan and that has been intensely criticized saying that the US is acting on a logic demanding Turkey to work with them.

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is already a country in the axis of NATO. I mean there is no need to say "work with us".  Because they are a member of the NATO, Turkey is already one within the US. All military equipment, weapons are generally with US origin. We are already one within the US, there is no need to state this. Asking to work with them, do they expect an officer to work with them? Is Hakan Fidan to work with them? He is the Secretary of National Intelligence Agency of an independent country. It is not like he would be waiting hand and foot in front of them. It is natural for MIT to work secretly. Of course they wouldn't go and inform CIA saying "We've done this, we've done that."

Well if they feel uneasy by this secret activity. Nothing would come out of that, all the countries are conducting secret activities. Turkey wouldn't do anything abnormal, she is a very compassionate, very merciful country. But of course we have some requests from the government. The reason why the US feels uneasy is the new developments in Turkey's Israel policy. We request Turkey's policy towards Israel to be more lenient. It should be made more mature, more compassionate, more embracing and more loving. That is the only problem and there is no other problem. But in essence, the trade in between Turkey and Israel is in the highest level, tourism is in the highest level, military agreements are still going on. Supposedly we are against Israel however this is not the case. Turkey's standing against Israel is a mere formality and there is no such thing in practice. Our PM Tayyip Erdoğan of course employs some balance-policies however these are frequently misinterpreted and we want this to be corrected. This is one of the most crucial matters; Turkey's relations with Israel. Israelis are a wronged nation, everyone had a run against them, everyone is after destroying them. Let them live in those lands. God tells us that they will exist in that region anyway. Many verses of the Qur'an state that they will reside in that region. Whether you want it or not they will be in that region anyway; this is how their destiny is. Insha'Allah. On the contrary you should watch over them, show them compassion, right? The spirit of greatness demands this, good morals necessitate this. Be merciful. Nothing could ever come out from rage and hatred. Turkey is not a raging, hateful country. Turks are a forgiving, compassionate nation. This is how our policies have been conducted all along. We expect our PM Tayyip Erdoğan to make that point right and he seems to have made some progress in that respect as well.

And another point is about women. Well my brother, women like dresses revealing their beauties. They like to have their beauties appreciated. They like being adorned. They are the adornments of this world. If we were to say "why are you adorned like this, why do you have colors? Why are you colorful like this? Why do you smell nice?" to a flower, would that make sense? These shouldn't be questioned in a woman either. "Why are you beautiful like this?" Well, are they supposed to be ugly? Of course they would be beautiful. Actually clothes revealing their beauties look good on them. They look very beautiful in them. As long as it is within certain limits according to the society they are in, according to place they are in. If they are in a trustworthy environment they can wear such clothes but if there are indecent people around, they wouldn't even go out if necessary. Or they would wear hijab or do anything necessary to protect themselves. Consequently that should be left to women's discretion. They should be trusted about that. Acting as if women wouldn't know but they know it better, is not be acceptable.

2013-10-24 22:39:25

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