The Israeli writer who threatened to assassinate Hakan Fidan should immediately apologize for what he has said

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 18th, 2013

Didem Ürer: It has been stated that there is a threat towards Hakan Fidan in the article published in Jewish Press daily with the heading: "Turkey exposed 10 Israeli agents in Iran". The article said; "Mossad might have acted a bit naive to believe that, after 50 years of cooperation, Turkey would not do that. If anyone deserves to find a special surprise in his car one morning, it's Fidan, the Turkish spy chief."

Adnan Oktar: No one should attempt to do something so foolish. No Jewish person on his right mind would ever say something so inappropriate. That person who said so might have mistakenly blurt something like that, unaware of what he is saying, unaware of the Torah. If a person betrays his own country, that means he is a scum. If Hakan Fidan had such a scum arrested, that is something to be proud of. As a matter of fact, no such thing has ever happened, however let us say that it did just for the sake of this discussion; it would still be something to be proud of. Saying; "we will plant this and that in his car!" You, unreasonable man! How can you say something like that? You should be advocating peace and love, why are you defending bloodshed?

We are trying to defuse the unrest and that one there attempts to stir it up even further. There is already an immense animosity against Jews in the world and far beyond animosity it has turned into an enflamed hatred in many places. As we are trying to defuse this, that one there uses such an atrocious attitude which would provoke all Turkish people by saying that he will kill, martyr the Turkey's Secretary of MIT in his car. Have a talk with that rascal and tell him to repent, watch his language and retract his words before all else. Yes.. I will hear him retract his words. And he will apologize. Well my brother, this means challenging Turkey as a whole. If you challenge our Secretary of MIT, it wouldn't matter if you challenge our PM or our Secretary of MIT or our Chief of General Staff it would all mean challenging Turkish Republic as a whole. Pull yourself together! Are you even aware of what you are saying? We are putting forth our best efforts for months in order to make up Turkey's friendship with Israel, trying to prevent conflict and tension. Yet this man makes a comment and tries to kick up a row. Is it the time to create trouble? Come to your senses! I mean, if you attempt to do villainy to Turkey's Secretary of MIT, that threat would be stamped out, come to your senses! Threatening someone is an atrocious act. The best thing that person could do is to kindly apologize right away.. Israel and Turkey are friends. They are the children of the Prophet Moses (pbuh), they are the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh).  We love them all. We embrace them with compassion. MIT has always protected and watched over Israel.  How many times MIT saved them from troubles? Turkey, in Malatya, by taking all sorts of risks, by running the risk of all sorts of nuclear attacks, - specifically to protect Israel, actually only to protect Israel -  has installed a defense system. By doing so we've put the whole region under risk, simply to put Israel's heart at ease and to prevent any kind of sudden foul play against them.  And that system is still active. Turkey has always protected and watched over Israel by sacrificing her wealth and herself. They have conducted joint-military drills, they have made joint military agreements which are still in effect. Our trading, our touristic relations, all sorts of bonds are showing incremental growth. They have increased in folds when compared to the past. Instead of encouraging this increase in friendship and attachment, you are acting as a cheap bully aiming to destroy that friendship fundamentally. Listen to reason!

2013-10-26 19:07:25

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