The money spent on arms and bombs should be given to the people, the poor and orphans.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 29th, 2013

Adnan Oktar:  Finance should be developed, that is fine. But financial resources should be made available for the poor, for orphans, for lovers of God, for those who do not believe in God and everyone. "Hazrat Mahdi will distribute goods on an equal basis," says our Prophet (saas). The money spent on arms should be given to the people. The money spent on bombs should be given to the poor. The money spent on napalm bombs should be given to orphans.

That is really easy, yet the impression given is that it would be unbelievably difficult. And difficult things, ruthless things, are portrayed as really easy. It is really difficult to build a bomb. It is difficult to load it onto a plane. It is very hard to train a pilot. And it is very hard to drop it on top of people. What is wrong with you?

Drop food from those planes. Drop books. Drop chocolate for children. Why do bombs have to be dropped? "No," they say, "That is essential. Let us buy bombs and planes from here and missiles from there. There is a huge armaments race. My brother, what there should be is a disarmament race. There should be a contest of love, contest of affection. How can you have an arms race, my brother? Someone buys a hundred planes, bombers. "Now I had better buy 150," the other one says. Then this one says; "They have bought 150, so let us buy 200." That is a terrible thing.

Yet no servant of God stands up and says "What kind of world and policy is this? Let us stop doing this at once." Newly produced arms appear in arms catalogues. "Ooh, look how perfect that bomb is!" they say. "When you launch that rocket and it reaches the town it will wipe out at least 10,000 people," they say. "This is great technology, well done!" they say. "Now we have built a new napalm bomb," they say. "When you drop it not an ant will be left alive, not one living thing." "Right. Let me order one. That is real perfection," they say.

My brother, what kind of world and life is this? Resistance to the system of the Mahdi, Jesus the Messiah and Islamic Union have made people like this. There is no other explanation. It is a horrifying, terrifying thing. Yes, I am listening to you.

Didem Ürer: Master, America spent $1.7 trillion during the invasion of Iraq.

Adnan Oktar: Look at that mentality! If you sent that money to Africa, if you handed it out to the poor and to children, there would be more than enough. It would overflow, as food and clothing. What need is there for this, my brother?

If a change of Iraqi administration is desired, the Islamic countries should unite and issue an ultimatum. That would be that. But the Islamic world does not unite. A great many scholars and religious leaders are against Islamic Union and the system of the Mahdi. But they never speak out against ruthlessness and oppression.

Indeed, some scholars support oppression because it is in their own interests, for their own prestige. For example, they praise the man who carried out the coup in Egypt to the skies and make him the jewel in their crown. They almost give the impression that the Muslim brotherhood is the army of the dajjal. They used to say the exact opposite. They used to say the army was the army of the dajjal, and that the Muslim Brotherhood was the community of the faithful. My brother, you should stand up for both sides. Love one, but also love the other. Stand up for them all." 

2013-11-07 15:18:16

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