Everything that happens turns out to be a blessing, we need to be patient

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated November 15th, 2013

Didem Ürer: It has been announced that the Ministry of Peshmarga of the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government has been invited to an international conference held by NATO for the first time. In this conference, NATO's role in Middle East and Africa, fight against terrorism and NATO's relations with federal Iraq will be discussed.

Adnan Oktar: That's nice, Masha'Allah. We ask God for everything to go towards better. Everything that happens turns out to be a blessing. Even things that appear to be evil are actually blessings in disguise.  One needs to be patient. Of course there will be difficult times. That is because we are living in a world of trials. There might be some painful days ahead. But in the end, the trial of this world will manifest in its best form for Muslims. We will experience victory and beauty in this world; but the most important thing is that we will attain the good pleasure of God and insha'Allah we will attain the Heaven of God. Actually life is short in this world; we will live a very short life here in this world. The real life, the life in Hereafter is very important for us.    

2013-11-22 18:06:40

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