Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a mafia structuring

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated November 29th, 2013


Didem Ürer: Yesterday, our Prime Minister Mr. Erdoğan held a press conference together with the President of Russian federation Mr. Vladimir Putin. In this conference, he made a call for Turkey's acceptance to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization that Russia is a member of. 

Adnan Oktar: Shanghai [Cooperation] will be of no use to us. There is no civilization, no art, no happiness, no joy, no quality in it. What could become out of Shanghai [Cooperation]?  European Union is a nice goal because it has a quality, it has freedom, selectness, decency and most beautiful aspects of aesthetics and artistry. But show me one, single work of art in Shanghai Corporation. Show me one aesthetic work piece, show me one beauty. What do they have in Shanghai Corporation? They have lots and lots of mafia states. They have lots and lots of secret killings. They have lots and lots of darkness and nightmares. Even the name of Shanghai Corporation is scary. There is no need for that, it would be of no use to us. It is like a committee of assassination. Shanghai team is the one organizing the massacre going on in Syria. After all Syria is not doing this on its own. It is an application of Shanghai's mafia structuring and none of them can be saved from this mafia structuring. Syrian massacre equals to Shanghai mafia. There is nothing to miss in that. Consequently we should have no intention to approach Shanghai [Corporation] by no manner of means. But of course we would try to be friends with those countries, to be brothers with them. We should display nice manners towards them so that we can teach them beauty, humanity, compassion, mercy and clemency. We show an effort to become their friends but such a connection with them is not acceptable. I do not understand in which respect our PM Tayyip thought about that. Even if he thought about from an economical point of view, it would not be acceptable because there is such a big mafia structuring in these countries. Let us think that a businessman goes to Kazakhstan, it would have been a miracle for him to return safe and sound. It would be a miracle if he doesn't get conned. They should show me one single man who returned without being conned. Kazakhstan is a very very difficult place to do trade. Consequently there is nothing to miss in this. 

Ceylan Özbudak: They are saying this mostly about buying weaponry. It is because weapons are cheaper in those countries. 

Adnan Oktar: Well, what can we have to do with weaponry? We are a part of NATO anyway. Our security is ensured within NATO anyway. Moreover we have no need for such armaments.  

2013-12-06 21:47:24

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