The people in the South East voted for BDP (Peace and Democracy Part) with the fear of PKK (Terrorist Organization)

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation dated March 30th, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: Look, even though the people of the South East [of Turkey]  are very religious, there is such a meaningful situation there.  The people living there are voting for the left wing. I mean even though the people living there are devoutly religious [they vote for them]. This shows the severity of the pressure applied on them in that region. Whereas the danger of the PKK [terror organization] in that region should have been made zero… Look, it should be made not zero point one, but zero. When that happens, the people living there will enjoy utmost freedom and their votes would be clean and lawful like mother’s milk.  But an election held while there is intimidation and an atmosphere of violence, with pressure exerted and with PKK making appearances would not be healthy. The government should take a decision to this end and erase PKK from the South East region completely. Such an organization, such an armed organization should not exist. If elections are held under this cruel oppression, under this cruel threat of terror, we cannot call that an election but results attained under compulsion. This should be made right immediately. Withdrawing our police officers, our soldiers from that region, decreasing the security forces would drag the majority of the people living there into fear and into feeling respect to the power of PKK.  The ranger force should also be very strong, so should the police, soldier and gendarme forces.  Especially civil elements, I mean the civil law enforcement agencies should be very powerful. If people feel themselves secure enough, they would comfortably vote for the party they want. I mean if they could be able to cast their votes without worrying, in comfort in the South East, the Felicity Party would also collect very high numbers of votes, the MHP [Nationalist Movement Party] would collect a lot of votes, CHP [Republican People’s Party] would not be erased from that region but collect a lot of votes, AK Party would collect a lot of votes and it would be just like the other parts of Turkey. The balances there have been disturbed because of the fear they are subjected to.

2014-04-04 00:59:18

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