Narendra Modi, who wants to tyrannize Muslims in India, is a grave danger

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated April 22nd, 2014

ADNAN OKTAR: Well my brother, the radical Hindu candidate in the elections for Prime Ministry in India, Narendra Modi, is a very dangerous person. Let us make this heard all over the world.  Let me see his pictures. Yes.

Do you know what the characteristic of this person is? He is an individual determined not to leave a single Muslim in India. This is a grave danger. The number of Muslims in India is in the hundred millions. That is a grave danger. A democratic candidate should come to power in India. If this person is to be addressed properly, he wouldn't be able to do evil to  Muslims, if his intent is properly unveiled. As a matter of fact, let us start a hashtag for this. #HindistandaModiyiIstemiyoruz.  Let us do this both in English and in Turkish and let our Muslim brothers and sisters support our hashtag. This man has very ill-intentions. Muslims are very concerned by this man. They all urged me, saying, "Master, please draw attention to this man, he has very ill intentions, he will give us a very hard time." A democratic candidate should be elected in India; a lenient, normal person should be elected. 

BÜLENT SEZGİN: Master, we are expecting the support of our brothers and sisters, insha'Allah. Let me read it again. The Turkish version is  #HindistandaModiyiIstemiyoruz and the English version is #WeDontWantModiInIndia, insha'Allah.

ADNAN OKTAR: That is very important because this person appears to have the means to come to power easily in India. And the promise he makes for when he comes to power is to make Muslims live in ghettoes. He says, "I will seclude them in India." And massacres take place in ghettoes. What does he say? "I will seclude them so that attacking them would be easy," and he says, "I will not let them breathe." This is unprecedented for India; democratic leaders have always come to power in India. This is a grave danger yet our Muslim brothers and sisters are not aware of this. That is why I am reminding them. There has to be a world-wide awakening against this danger.

2014-04-27 02:23:24
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