Mr. Adnan Oktar: May God rest the souls of our martyrs in Soma, may Heaven be their eternal abode.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated May 14th, 2014

Adnan Oktar: Many television channels refer to our martyrs as "dead". That is really disturbing. Actually there is an explicit hadith of our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) says; "Those who die under the wreckage would be martyrs." That is a clear hadith. Let us say that those people have leftist views and that is the reason why they use such a language but they call their own friends who die martyrs as well. Well then, what is the sense of calling them "dead"? I mean, why do they do that? I fail to understand. They are not dead; they are martyrs. They all are radiant Muslims performing their prayers. Almighty God has taken them away from those difficult living conditions and put them in His Heaven. That is what happened; all because of the Mercy of Almighty God. Insha'Allah. 

In such occasions, tension stemming from sorrow might escalate. One needs to be very careful about the attitude, about the language used. Using the word "dead", this or that would be very disturbing. What is the sense of calling them "dead"? They are as their name states; martyrs. Almighty God says that they are alive in the Sight of God. Almighty God has put an end to their hard, difficult life and gave them the rank of martyrdom and taken them to a happy life. That is it. Insha'Allah. We kindly ask all these channels to change that language, I mean it really disturbs me a lot every time I hear them saying so. It is really very irritating. 

Bülent Sezgin: Master, our miner brothers are all morally virtuous, masha'Allah. Today one of our rescued miner brothers when taken to the stretcher said; "My boots are covered with dirt, let me take them off and not make the stretcher dirty."

Adnan Oktar: The attitude of that kid gives one such beautiful feelings masha'Allah. Such nobility, such purity. Look at the honesty of an Anatolian man! Look at the decency of Anatolian man!  In such an alarming environment in which we have hundreds of martyrs, one miner is rescued and he says "Careful, do not let my boots make the stretcher dirty!" and asks for many times if he should take them off. Look at the nobility of the Anatolian young man. They are all performing their prayers under the ground. They all are fasting; those lads were working down that mine while they were fasting. I believe that Almighty God did not want them working there in those difficult conditions and took them to His Heaven. That is the case. 

That issue of "mourning" should not be misunderstood. The word mourning is used in the sense of respect. It means showing respect and kindness, concentrating to the subject matter, being concerned and attentive.  It doesn't mean being frantic with sorrow, it doesn't mean crying, grieving, losing one's self in sorrow. Those would be ascribing partners to God, that would be irrational. That doesn't make sense and they bring no good to anyone.  I mean it would be an inappropriate behavior towards God. But since this is a worldwide tradition, the flags are flown at half-staff, entertainment programs are cancelled but it doesn't mean that it is not acceptable to laugh, to speak; it doesn't mean that there should be constant crying and weeping. This should not be misunderstood. 

1,000 liras is a very small amount to give to the families of our brothers who've been martyred in that mining accident. We are the ones that will be paying that amount, aren't we? They should at least be given twice their salaries. That would make all hearts feel a little better, that would bring a bit of comfort to our hearts and everyone would be happy about that. Let us economize elsewhere; this is not the place to think about economy. Insha'Allah.

Those miner kids have holes on their socks; that really touches one. I felt really disturbed when I saw the pictures. And the beautiful manners of that young man, my lion, masha'Allah. He said, "The boots shouldn't make the stretcher dirty," for many times. Look at the beauty of the Anatolian upbringing. When knees are knocking together, when there is such a big incident, martyrs are being brought out, there are wounded people everywhere and he is showing such grace in such an environment. The Anatolian men have an unprecedented quality. They are very blessed people. Masha'Allah. 

"Good evening Master Adnan, I am writing to you from Azerbaijan. We all feel very bad about the disaster in Soma. Please let us hear about your valuable opinions on the matter." Feeling bad: Actually that is not acceptable. That would be unlawful by religion; it would be rebellion against God. How is it possible? Feeling bad, weeping, grieving; these are all rebellious acts. What we mean by mourning is respect. Showing respect. Mourning is the name we give to the respect we show to those who've been martyred. What could one do for instance; You could leave aside your problems and concentrate on theirs, right? You take care of their peace. That is the sense in mourning for them. Those who normally act egotistically wouldn't behave egotistically and try and protect those beautiful brothers of ours candidly and lovingly. Or else what good could your weeping or grieving bring to their families? Right? For instance, you bring an offer to the government about the payments they would be receiving; you could ask the government to pay twice their salaries. That could bring a little relief to their pain. They do not need your tears, the damage is already done. That is the predestination ordained by Almighty God; there is good in that. God has saved them from that painful, difficult life and taken them to His Heaven. He has taken them to a cheerful, beautiful life.

But they have families they've left behind. We need to help them. Or else refraining from laughing, from speaking, constantly wandering around with a sulking face, feeling worn out and weary would only make the satan rejoice. A Muslim wouldn't act that way. It would be an unlawful and inappropriate behavior.  

Bülent Sezgin: Master, God commands the following in a verse of the Qur'an, insha'Allah; I seek refuge in God from the accursed satan. "Those who, when disaster strikes them, say, ´We belong to Allah and to Him we will return." Insha'Allah. 

Adnan Oktar: Masha'Allah, Alhamdulillah. "Dear Master, isn't this similar to the plan of the alleged Ergenekon organization to wear out the government by putting a bomb in an excursion ship filled with children?"  Abdullah Çetinkaya. Well, they should of course consider the possibility of sabotage. They shouldn't underrate the incident by simply calling it an accident. It might as well be sabotage. 

Kartal Göktan: The rage people feel about the mining accident has grown and targeted the government. The mine in which the accident happened belonged to the state previously, a private company bought it and it's been asked if they made concessions in safety precautions while reducing the costs.  

Adnan Oktar: Making concessions in safety precautions is not the issue. Sending down our brothers to work in a mine is wrong from the start anyway. There are special tools like rotary excavators in Europe, tools with giant gears and disc crushers and they dig down into the earth with those tools. They are electronically commanded by computers. People operate them from their chairs. What could a thousand people, two thousand people do under the ground? I mean it is an incomprehensible risk. One might take precautions but even those precautions cannot be enough. Or else special exit channels might be built. Right? Special exit channels might be built; they might be built everywhere, an exit channel in every hundred meters, every fifty meters. Escape channels. Many other precautions might be taken but the most solid thing to do is not to send any of our brothers down a mine. (One might say) "They have to work!"  Well my brother, Soma has places to work above the ground as well. They can work in agriculture, in olive cultivation, they can work in greenhouse cultivation, our brothers can work anywhere, that is as easy as that. They can easily find jobs as workers in agriculture. Maybe they will be inexperienced for the first year but they will be able to get perfect results in their second year, insha'Allah. Yes I am listening. 

Bülent Sezgin: Master, Dr. Ralph Barthels from the German Mining, Chemistry and Energy Syndicate stated that the safety measures taken in mines in Turkey are below world standards. 

Adnan Oktar: Well my brother, such incidents might happen even if those safety measures are taken. This is a very dangerous work. First of all coal and gas are one within the other. I mean all sorts of gases can be formed down there, under the ground. Explosive gasses, poisonous gasses. After all coal is a combustible substance. Gas is an explosive substance and it is utterly dangerous. The tools used are electrical devices. I mean it is easily recognized that something bad could happen. Sudden crashes can happen, anything can happen, how could one be safe under the ground? Robotic tools with electronic control units should definitely be used, that is the only solution.

The most beautiful thing that could be done for those dear ones of mine from now on is to give a beautiful life for their families, to provide a comfortable living for their children. Not to incite their sorrow, not to incite their grieving; not to create an environment of sorrow and tension there. There are children there, there are pregnant women. Right? There are young girls and there are old people. Seniors can die out of sorrow if their grief is thus encouraged. Pregnant women can miscarry. I mean such encouragement would be wrong. In  the name of "mourning" it makes no sense to create a second wave of pain.  Pain added to pain is not acceptable. What is meant by mourning there is to protect and watch over those brothers of ours, showing compassion and respect to their families and their pain. Making them feel that they are valuable for us, making them feel that they are appreciated. Making them feel that we value them. Watching over them like our own brothers. That is what mourning means. Or else making those old uncles of ours, those senior people cry day and night and causing their death is not acceptable.  Making pregnant women cry and causing them to miscarry is not acceptable. It doesn't mean terrorizing those small children. We need to use a language that would prevent their pain, use the language of the Qur'an; we need to draw them to a happy spirit by explaining them the joy of Heaven.  And the state should be sending trucks full of food to them. Those dear ones of mine are all in poverty. Look they don't even have proper socks to wear. There are holes in their socks, they are all like this, my dear ones of mine, most of them are like this: The state should send them clothes starting from today. Let us send trucks full of fruits, let us comfort their houses. If there is anything missing in their houses let us fix them. If there is a problem in the lightening let us fix them as well. If there are repairs that should be done, let us have them done by the hand of the state; we will pay for them. Let us do that no matter what the cost is. Let us treat their patients. Right? Let us not make them live pain over pain. Their fathers are martyred and now they are told to mourn. That is not acceptable. We need to emphasize what we mean by mourning. This is what we mean by mourning; we send their homes trucks full of fruits and vegetable, trucks full of food. It is a custom to bring food to the homes of the martyrs. This was what happened when we were children; when someone passed away, we used to bring food to their homes. They used to have plenty of everything in their homes and had no shortage of anything; we need to bring lots of ready to consume food to every single house. Insha'Allah. Let us have their patients be treated in the hospitals with the utmost care. Let us remove all such pains on them. That would give relief to them. Or else saying let us cry altogether, let us grieve and feel the pain together (is not acceptable); those dear ones of mine are already in a wretched state. Putting pain on top of their pain would be an act that doesn't comply with the Qur'an, it would be an act that is not compliant with Islam. 

Bülent Sezgin: Master, just as you have said, there are aid tents in the region. The state is providing food for the families constantly in those tents right now. 

Adnan Oktar: Aid tents are something else. Food should be distributed to their homes. İnsha'Allah. They should also put them on salary starting immediately, twice of their original salary. That is it. Let us put away everything that would disturb them, that would put them in stress. They have been martyred that is an honor. Our lions were previously being martyred in the Southeast, we've taken precautions but when God wants martyrs there is no way to put an end to it. If not there, in the Southeast. Almighty God surely takes them as martyrs. He does so one way or the other, insha'Allah.  That is because there is a verse stating that the martyrs are waiting for other martyrs to come. That means they will constantly be coming; that is the command of God. May God give our martyrs all beauties of the Heaven. Almighty God has taken them from a hard, difficult life to a joyful, wealthy, plentiful endless life. They have passed to the Heaven in a moment's time. Of course it only takes as much time as a blink of an eye. May God, insha'Allah, not let their families suffer. Let us not make them live through that tension any longer. Let us disperse that tension and bring plentitude and  wealth. Let us bring peace to their homes and hearten every family there. Let them feel the joy; let there be  state aid and also the aid of various charity institutions, they should all bring life to our brothers. Those dear ones of mine are left in a position to work under the ground. Right? Let us give them good means. Especially clothing, health, education of those orphans they left behind is very important. It would bring relief to our hearts if our state could get beautiful results in this with meticulous and rapid planning; everything would be better then, insha'Allah.

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