Mr. Adnan Oktar: It is very important to provide a beautiful living to the families of the martyrs of Soma

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated May 14th, 2014

Adnan Oktar: The most beautiful thing that could be done for those dear ones of mine from now on is to give a beautiful life for their families, to provide a comfortable living for their children. Not to incite their sorrow, not to incite their grieving… Not to create an environment of sorrow and tension there. There are children there, there are pregnant women. Right? There are young girls and there are old people. Seniors can die out of sorrow if their grief is thus encouraged. Pregnant women can miscarry. I mean such encouragement would be wrong. Under the name of “mourning” it makes no sense to create a second wave of pain.  Pain over pain is not acceptable. What is meant by mourning there is to protect and watch over those brothers of ours, showing compassion and respect to their families and their pain. Making them feel that they are valuable for us, making them feel that they are appreciated. Making them feel that we value them. Watching over them like our own brothers. That is what mourning means… Or else making those old uncles of ours, those senior people cry day and night and causing their death is not acceptable.  Making pregnant women cry and causing their miscarriage is not acceptable. It doesn’t mean terrorizing those small children. We need to use a language that would prevent their pain, use the language of the Qur’an; we need to draw them to a happy spirit by explaining them the joy of Heaven.  And the state should be sending trucks full of food to them. Those dear ones of mine are all in poverty. Look they don’t even have proper socks to wear. There are holes in their socks, they are all like this, those dear ones of mine, most of them are like this… The state should send them clothes starting from today. Let us send trucks full of fruits, let us comfort their houses. If there is anything missing in their houses let us fix them. If there is a problem in the lightening let us fix them as well. If there are repairs that should be done, let us have them done by the hand of the state; we will pay for them. Let us do that no matter what the cost is. Let us treat their patients. Right? Let us not make them live pain over pain. Their fathers are martyred and now they are told to mourn. That is not acceptable. We need to emphasize what we mean by mourning. This is what we mean by mourning; we send their homes trucks full of fruits and vegetable, trucks full of food. It is a custom to bring food to the homes of the martyrs. This was what happened when we were children; when someone passed away we used to bring food to their homes. They used to have plenty of everything in their homes and had no shortage of anything… We need to bring lots of ready to consume food to every single house. Insha’Allah. Let us have their patients be treated in the hospitals with utmost care. Let us remove all such pains on them. That would give relief to them. Or else saying let us cry altogether, let us grieve and feel the pain together (is not acceptable)… those dear ones of mine are already in a wretched state. Putting pain over their pain would be an act that doesn’t comply with the Qur’an, it would be an act that is not compliant with Islam. 

Bülent Sezgin: Master, just as you have said, there are aid tents in the region. The state is providing food for the families constantly in those tents right now. 

Adnan Oktar: Aid tents are something else. Food should be distributed to their homes. İnsha’Allah. They should also put them on salary starting immediately, twice of their original salary. That is it. Let us put away everything that would disturb them, that would put them in stress. They have been martyred that is an honor. Our lions were previously being martyred in the Southeast, we’ve taken precautions but when God wants martyrs there is no way to put an end to it. If not there, in the Southeast... Almighty God surely takes them as martyrs. He does so one way or the other, insha’Allah.  That is because there is a verse stating that the martyrs are waiting for other martyrs to come. That means they will constantly be coming; that is the law of God.

2014-05-19 04:50:47

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