Mr. Adnan Oktar: The decency of that Anatolian young man who tried to take his boots off to keep the stretcher clean in Soma is exemplary

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated May 14th 2014

Bülent Sezgin: Master, our miner brothers are all morally virtuous, masha'Allah. Today one of our rescued miner brothers when taken to the stretcher said; "My boots are covered with dirt, let me take them off and not make the stretcher dirty."

Adnan Oktar: The attitude of that kid gives one such beautiful feelings masha'Allah. Such nobility, such purity… Look at the honesty of an Anatolian man! Look at the decency of Anatolian man!  In such an alarming environment in which we have hundreds of martyrs, one miner is rescued and he says "Careful, do not let my boots make the stretcher dirty!" and asks for many times if he should take them off. Look at the nobility of the Anatolian young man. They are all performing their prayers under the ground. They all are fasting; those lads were working down that mine while they were fasting. I believe that Almighty God did not want them working there in those difficult conditions and took them to His Heaven. That is the case.

2014-05-19 05:37:30

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