What should the attitude of Muslims be towards the ISIS?

Excerpts from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 16th 2014

KARTAL GÖKTAN: Master, our Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu has announced from his Twitter account that Turkey has acted to supply shelter, food and medical necessities for the Turkmen people residing between Tal Afar and Sinjar. Women, elderly, children and the civilians who escaped from the armed conflicts in Tal Afar yesterday are now stuck between Tal Afar and Sinjar.

ADNAN OKTAR: They should return to Tal Afar; anything other than that is unacceptable. They should talk to those men and come to an agreement. "We will not interfere with you and you do not interfere with us either." And that is it. As far as I see, they are not that obstinate. Aberrancy would come about if conflicts are given way. Without causing any conflicts, if they say, "We are Muslims, Alhamdulillah, we are faithful, we have no problems with you, we will remain here," that would be all. "We would not harm you." After giving such a guarantee they would have no problem with you. But if they continue persecution despite of it, that would be another issue. In that case, may God forbid, no matter who the other party is the reaction would be different.

KARTAL GÖKTAN: Master, those in Tal Afar made an announcement stating that they will fight to the bitter end.

ADNAN OKTAR: Nothing would come about if you say this. Both of those parties are Muslims. They should say, "My friend, we are Muslims and you are Muslim as well. Let us be reasonable. You go on with your business. If you remain here keeping things normal, you do so." Saying "go on with your business" doesn't mean "chop people up and slaughter people"; it means "If you want to stay here, stay, but do not interfere in our business and we won't interfere in yours." And that would be it.

BÜLENT SEZGİN: Master, Arshad Salihi, Head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front stated the following in his interview; "Turkey should have stood closer to the Turkmen. It has stood at an equal distance to everybody, but we should have been better supported. Turkmen cannot exist a single day here without Turkey's moral support."

ADNAN OKTAR: Alright but Turkmen-Turkish, Kurdish-Turkmen, Arabian-Kurdish; they are all human. Kurdish ladies, Kurdish mothers of ours, are they not our people? Are not the Arab children our children as well? If we watch over only Turkish people and say, "Do whatever you like!" to others we would then be fascists; we are done with then. We would be losing our humane feelings, may God forbid. If we are to say, "Turkish people are our people, but what are Arab people to us? Do whatever you like to them, let them die," may God forbid, if we are to say, "What the Kurdish people do, does not concern me, they are Kurdish after all!" that would be a sign of our devastation. You would then have no place in this world or in the Hereafter, may God forbid. That would be a gruesome persecution; that has no other explanation. One party says, "My friend, we will not get into a conflict with you!" But despite of this, if the other party says, "I will fight!" that would not be a whole other issue. I mean to those innocent, civilians residing there with no claim of their own, if they say "I will hang you, I will kill you!" that would be unacceptable. Now let me explicitly state this, let me make a short summary for you; as far as I can see these young people are sincere, this ISIS lot, but they are uninformed; they have no knowledge of the Qur'an, they have no knowledge of Islam. They have a traditional, orthodox understanding of jihad. They say, "We are hanging them, we are cutting them off, we are making jihad!" that is their mentality. But if they could be educated they can be very reasonable people as far as I can see. That is because there is no reason for a single mind, for a single attitude. Actually the influence of ISIS there is about ten percent or so. Mostly there are tribes, etc., in that area There is no such solid domination of ISIS in that region. It is a crowd that is formed with new participants. In my opinion, they will go to Jordan as well. It appears that they will expand in a vast area but if they attempt to massacre an inoffensive innocent person or an inoffensive community, then the wrath of God would fall very harshly on them. They would not have anything to defend themselves with. At the moment they say that they are doing some things in line with their own mentality in an Orthodox belief system but then they would not have any explanation to make. It is not acceptable to touch an inoffensive person. If these people make peace with you and make an agreement with you, the command of Islam is explicit. The man makes an agreement with you. Agreements are made even with the idolaters of Mecca (back in the time of our Prophet (saas)) right? Muslims make agreements with the idolaters of Mecca and say "we will not make war with you so you won't make war with us either." That is explicitly stated in the Qur'an and none of these parties touch each other. But if they insistently go on saying "I want bloodshed," they would be drawing the Wrath of God upon themselves. They would not have any protection or any plenitude after that. Let me say this openly. The fact of the matter is, may God forbid, these Muslims are young but they are ignorant and uninformed. I mean if they were to be wiped off the face of this world, may God forbid, they would all be devastated. But- may God forbid- a Muslim massacre is terrifying. Why should something like that happen while it is possible to accomplish success with science and knowledge? Otherwise there is nothing to call the force of ISIS, there is no such thing. Technology would speak in that. May God forbid, they would raze them to ground; they would cut all their ways, scatter them about and turn the region into a hell. Therefore they should act fairly, reasonably and wisely. For instance, my first recommendation for them is to let these embassy officers go. There is no explanation for that; there is no sense in that. These people didn't even say anything to them. They did exactly as they were told. But there is no sense in keeping them any longer; they should let them go. And secondly, they should not touch inoffensive civilians, elderly people, etc. in Tal Afar or around, they should let them live there. If you want to be fair and just, you need to do this. For instance the massacre of those Shia soldiers is really a shame and a sin. Educate them if you like, gather them around you and speak to them, explain them. They are soldiers so they'd listen. If you have your own faith, if you have things to explain to them, talk to them. What is the sense in gathering them in trucks, putting them in piles and taking them away? Do they not perform their prayers? They do. Actually, they might not even be performing their prayers, what is it to you? Do they not say La ilaha Illa Allah Muhammad ar-Rasul Allah? They do? What right do you have to put them in piles? They are wretched, simple hearted people, how could they want something like that? But the fact is that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the force that would stop that. Those who do not take the system of the Mahdi direfully started to look for it. The force of that terror will increase even further and people will be obliged to the system of the Mahdi. There will be a bloodbath. This is how our Prophet (saas) foretells, I am just communicating what he said, insha'Allah.

KARTAL GÖKTAN: Master, ISIS is actually complaining about the very harsh interventions al-Maliqi made up until today. There are about five thousand Sunni people in the Iraqi prisons including women right now. In the last two years about 1,000 Sunnis were killed. It has been said that these were not killed in bomb attacks or anything, but were arrested and executed by al-Maliqi in the region.

ADNAN OKTAR: Both al-Maliqi and the majority of leaders of the Middle East are vociferous, arrogant, supercilious and they all try to bring people into line with force and use a manner that don't care about the other parties. They have a rampageous expression on their faces. They are loveless and harsh, they hate people and people hate them. Their people are ignorant and they are ignorant as well. This is how the majority of them are. Consequently a spirit of hatred rules among them. Those wretched people are filling the prisons; there are no proper prosecutors, judges, lawyers etc. Go into those prisons and you'll see that the environment there is awful. People die there naturally in a very short period of time anyway. Why is there the need for all this horror? You are a Muslim, why do you fill those prisons with your own brothers? Making them go to prison for unbelievably silly reasons. That used to be the case in Turkey long ago. There used to be an awfully loveless environment. When three people gathered they were put into prison for being a gang. Of course, two witnesses, a prosecutor, a judge and a commissioner of police would seal the deal. Gathering people as they like and putting them all in jail. This was what happened at the time of the alleged Ergenekon Terror Organization. Of course, I am saying this about some of the incidents that took place previously.

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