Cave paintings refute Darwinism

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 23rd, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: "Humanity began in caves, but now it travels by plane. You cannot say, ‘Evolution does not exist.’ Nothing falls into your lap." Where did you come up with the idea that humanity began in caves? You only assume it. You do not have any proof. You said, "People were living in caves 5000 years ago." Then, archaeologists discovered civilizations dating back to 10,000 years ago. After that, they discovered highly urbanized 15,000-year-old civilizations that built infrastructures, processed minerals, and signs of skillful cloth making. You claim, "Mankind would eat raw meat in caves." Marvelous civilizations were discovered dating back to 15,000 years ago.

BÜLENT SEZGİN: They could perform brain surgeries.

ADNAN OKTAR: They could perform brain surgeries.

CAN DAĞTEKİN: They could make prosthetics.

ADNAN OKTAR: Indeed, they could make dental prosthetics, perform brain surgeries. And what do you claim? You claim, "5000 years ago, people would eat raw meat and live in caves." You are obviously misinformed. I am telling you about civilizations that date back to 15,000 years ago.

EBRU ALTAN: They created paintings using paints that have not worn off for 17,000 years, with a sense of art that even fascinated Picasso.

ADNAN OKTAR: Again, please.

EBRU ALTAN: They created paintings using paints that have not worn off for 17,000 years, with a sense of art that even fascinated Picasso.

ADNAN OKTAR: Indeed. The technical analysis of the paint they used revealed that they produced it by mixing fascinating chemical substances. In other words, no one can produce the same substances today. If you told the youngster asserting this claim to produce the same substance, he would not be able to. No matter how many books he would read, no matter what he would do, he still could not produce it. But they could do it 17,000 years ago. They mix three different chemical substances and obtain paint. And this paint does not wear off for 17,000 years.

Is the flute they discovered really that old?


 ADNAN OKTAR: Analyzing the flute, which was one of the oldest musical instruments ever discovered in archaeological excavations, the musicologist Bolfing found out that, along with complete four note expressions, it also has whole tones and semitones. 67,000 years is a long period of time

YASEMIN AYSE KIRIS: This is what they said, but I do not know for sure.

ADNAN OKTAR: Let's check it again. It can very well be 17,000 years old, but 67,000 years seems almost impossible. But if it is true, this is a huge, staggering discovery. Let's check it again. The discovery was published in many scientific journals. It is remarkable. Do we have the image of the flute?


ADNAN OKTAR: Then, let's also show the articles published in scientific journals. This is truly astounding.

2017-01-19 21:33:32

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