99% of mutations are harmful while the remaining 1% are neutral, and proven to produce harmful effects in the long run

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 26th, 2017

ADNAN OKTAR: Mutations are damages that occur in the genes of living organisms. 99% of them are harmful while the remaining 1% is neutral. And the neutral 1% was found out to definitely produce harmful effects in the long run. This is why they are called silent mutations. Mutations have never added a new feature to any living organisms. There is no evidence that supports this. They do not transform any life form into another. There is 1 in 100,000 possibility that mutations occur during the duplication of the DNA. The enzyme that is being copied immediately stops and corrects the error. Look, it is a miracle; the enzyme that is being copied stops, corrects the error and then proceeds on its way. God also created the mechanism that corrects the mutations. This is a great miracle. It identifies the damage, realizes in complete darkness that something is not right. It removes the faulty part and has the correct part manufactured in its stead, which is a highly complicated process. Then it has the correct part delivered and put in its place at the exact right angle. It has to find the perfect angle. And then the faulty part is taken away. This is what mutation is. This miracle is one of the signs of God's existence.

2017-02-21 22:27:58

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