A single branch and flower of a tree attest to God's art of creation

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated March 19th, 2017

ADNAN OKTAR: Look at these sweet flowers. They are so cute, I want to bite on them. Look at how pleasant it is. It is as if it wants to tell us something. Look, all of its petals are of the same size. These flowers grow at a rapid, phenomenal rate and once they reach this size, their growth stops immediately. Who tells the flower to stop growing? All the fringe cells and the others that come after them, all decide to stop after a certain growth period. How are you so sure? They have no eyes, no ears, no hands, no feet; how do they know that they have reached the needed size? Look at its stamens, adorned with yellow, beautiful caps, look at how pleasant it is. The others at the top have not blossomed yet, do you see them? They are currently waiting for the order. God says, "I am aware of all of these. All plant buds are under My command, and He means all of them. "All plant buds, all of them are under My control," says God. By the order of God, this flower will sprout and continue to blossom until it reaches a certain size and suddenly stops. Look, there are many tiny and cute sticks; their inner structure is also tube-shaped and contains vitamin and pollens, within which all the properties of the tree, that is, millions of properties are coded. Look, that yellow dust contains the millions of properties of the tree, the taste of its fruits, the amount of sugar and how it will be produced; it is impossible to synthetically produce sugar at factories, whereas this flower is capable of producing it. It is also impossible to synthetically produce proteins, but this flower can. In fact, cherries contain not one, but many types of proteins. It is capable of producing a great variety of amino acids and vitamins, most of which cannot be obtained synthetically. Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C... Why does it not produce anything harmful? Why does it not produce anything toxic; why does it always only produce what is beneficial for humans? It produces one by one everything that human body needs. It absorbs iron from the roots of the tree, from within the muddy water and carries it up until it reaches the flower, initiating the growth of the fruit with a constant stream of iron, the metal that we all need and the metal that we are all familiar with. It provides the iron to the flower just the right amount; no more and no less, but at a certain amount. It contains everything that the human body needs; copper, zinc, everything. But it does not produce anything harmful or toxic. Let's take cherry, the cherry that we know as an example. Its seed holds within it the entire structure, organization of a new tree, including those of all the subsequent future generations as well. Someone eats it and throws its seed on the ground, where a new, 10 to 30 meters long tree grows. And the new tree produces the same fruits; not by tale, but by tons.


2017-04-28 23:24:19

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