Millions of fossils are withheld from the public

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 19th, 2017

ADNAN OKTAR: The British deep state has turned the world into disbelievers, atheists through Darwinism. People should not fall for this scheme; there is no such thing. If there are those doubting the truthfulness of my statements, they should just ask why hundreds of millions of fossils are being withheld from the public. Do you not find it suspicious? That is a mountainous amount of fossils that are withheld from the public. Do you not think it warrants a little doubt? They hide these fossils because none of them has undergone any change. People will say, "These do not look like they have undergone evolution." There is a scheme of global proportions. There are 700 mn uncovered fossils available, and they do not disclose them to the public. Has anyone seen any such fossils other than those displayed in our exhibits? Does anyone see any fossils around? They cannot, because they are being withheld from the world public. There is a scheme at play. The British deep state has taken over the world and it prevents the fossils from being disclosed to the public. In China, anyone who gets a hold of a fossil is executed. It is forbidden. No one is allowed to touch the fossils. There are mountains brimming with fossils. These mountains have been declared military zones. No one is allowed to enter these areas in case they might take the fossils. In fact, they unearth Homo Sapience skulls too, but they are crushed upon discovery. There is a huge scheme at play. The public should stop turning a blind eye and see through it. Preventing the fossils from being exhibited is a huge ploy. There is a worldwide ban regarding the fossils exhibition. This alone should tip the public off.

EBRU ALTAN: They priorly withheld the fossils from the Cambrian period. These fossils were testifying to the fact that life emerged suddenly and in complex form.


2017-06-19 13:10:56

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