There is no reference to creation through evolution in the Quran

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 19th, 2017

ADNAN OKTAR: God created angels; is there any sign of an evolutionary process here? There is not. God created the jinni, "Is there any sign of an evolutionary process here?" we ask and they say "There is not." God created demons, "Is there any sign of an evolutionary process here?" we ask and they say "There is not." "What about evolution in heaven?" Regarding the dead, God says in the Qur'an; "They will emerge from their graves like swarming locusts.” Is there any reference to evolution here? "There is not," they reply. Was there any evolution in Qalu Bala? They admit that, in Qalu Bala, where the first human from whom we descended was created, there is no sign of evolution either as humans were created in their intact form. They say that there is no evolutionary process in any of these cases, but only on earth. No one would believe this. God says "The finest mold" in the Qur'an; in other words He says, "I created perfectly in the finest form." God did not create life forms from among millions of creatures in bizarre, distorted shapes through coincidence upon coincidence. They seek to sell this to us but there are over 700 mn fossils, all of which are perfect and none of which display any transitional fossil properties. They should base their explanations upon science. Can a protein come into existence through coincidence? It cannot. Another protein is needed for a protein to come into existence. Science fully accepts this fact. The debate is over; there has to be a Creator. Do we come across any evidence to evolution among the fossil records? We do not. So, that is it. There are no proofs in anywhere, so where do you come up with this notion? There is a saying "A fool may ask a question which forty wise men cannot answer." This is wrong. If they wish to debate this fact, they should do so based on scientific facts. Are we allowed to present paleontological evidence? Are we allowed to teach it in biology textbooks? Are we allowed to introduce paleontological evidence to students? Are we allowed to open fossil exhibitions? No, it is forbidden. Are we allowed to show the structure of the protein or molecule to students and discuss how it is scientifically impossible for them to come into existence through coincidence? No, it is forbidden. What is allowed? To tell about the theory of evolution. By the way, the theory of evolution has not been excluded from the curriculum; there has merely been a name change. They do not call it ‘evolution’; they just change the name when they talk about how life emerged. They teach evolution without using the term 'evolution’. Previously, there was a sentence, "There are those who link life to creation by God" in the Biology text books, but they removed that statement as well. Therefore, the developments in this sense are occurring to the contrary of what Nihat Genç says.

Do we have fossils here? Can you show us.

KARTAL GÖKTAN: 25-million-year-old crab fossil.

ADNAN OKTAR: It is 25 million years old.



2017-07-04 21:02:41

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