According to the Qur'an mankind was created in the Realm of Souls, which is an evidence that there is no evolution

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated May 13th, 2017

ADNAN OKTAR: God says in the Qur'an that He created the entire mankind with their physical forms in the Realm of Souls before time and space were created. God says He created mankind in their finest form, with all their body parts and intellectual faculties intact, in the Realm of Souls and then sends them to earth. How does God send mankind to earth? He sends them to eartMush by making it look like they are delivered by their mothers. But their origin lies in the Realm of Souls. Therefore, mankind was created long before the earth. And what do some people claim? Mankind came into existence through evolution; they evolved from primates, from apes. God says, "I created you in human form; you had existed in the Realm of Souls before I sent you to earth." In what part of this does evolution take place? Also, God tells the Prophet Jesus (pbuh): "Make a clay object in the shape of a bird, breathe into it and place it on the ground; it will come to life and fly." And the clay does turn into a bird and fly. God says He created mankind out of clay, in the same way the Prophet Jesus Messiah makes an animate bird out of clay. God creates man and shapes him into a human-looking clay sculpture; a clay porcelain, baked mud. Then God says, "I breathed My Soul into him and he came to life." The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) uses the same system. God creates in the same way by means of Jesus (pbuh). In one instance, God creates a man sculpture out of clay; in the other, a bird sculpture out of clay. When God breathes His Soul into man, he immediately walks toward God, prostrates before Him and carries out His commandment. Likewise, when the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) breathes into the bird sculpture, it comes to life and flies away. The same system is at work in both instances, none of which involves an evolutionary process. So, how can you still deny creation upon witnessing this? How can you still deny upon hearing about this? There is no difference between Almighty God creating man in the form of a human-looking clay sculpture and breathing into it and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) making a clay sculpture in the shape of a bird, breathing into it and the bird coming to life and flying away. In both instances, the sculptures come to life by breathing into them. In both instances, God is the One who breathes life into the sculptures. In one case, He uses the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) as a means; while in the other, He Himself directly performs the deed. What I mean by directly is that it is God's manifestation that breathes. Look, God says, "I created with My both hands" Not with one, but both of His hands, which indicates that God manifests in human form and makes a beautiful, flawless sculpture. When He breathes into the sculpture, it comes to life and immediately says, "I am at Your disposal, O Lord." Likewise, Jesus Messiah painstakingly makes a bird sculpture out of clay and mud, puts it down among bushes, breathes into it and the sculpture comes to life and flies away. Both instances do not involve an evolutionary process. Almighty God asks the Prophet Moses (pbuh), ""What is that in your right hand, Moses?" He replies, "O Lord, it is my staff." God asks, "What do you use it for?" although God's spirit encompasses all including his staff. God's spirit is everywhere, even in the Prophet Moses' (pbuh) staff. "I lean on it and beat down leaves for my sheep with it and have other uses for it," he replies. God already knows this but still wishes to have a talk with him. "Throw it down," God commands him. Upon the stuff touching the ground, it immediately turns into a snake. Where is evolution in here?

When mankind was created in the Realm of Souls, they came into existence with all their extremities intact. They emerge with their capacity of reasoning, thinking, speaking, recognition as well as their brains, eyes and mouths. They have physical forms; this is what God means in the verse by "Self." The entire universe had already been created long ago; why do they avoid this issue? Mankind had already been in their final forms before being sent to earth. God uses birth only as a means. Another example of this can be seen in tap water; God creates water at the mouth of the tap, while using the tap as a means for its creation. Thus, water flaws from the tap. This is also true for power sockets. When the plug is put in, the light is switched on; but it is God who produces that light. One would think it is the electricity produced by a power plant.



2017-08-28 20:43:06

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