If devout Israelis are in the administration, a climate of mutual trust and brotherhood will at once be established

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's live interview on Guneydogu Olay TV on June-1, 2010

ADNAN OKTAR:I feel sorry for these devout Jews. I feel sorry for the children, for young Palestinians, for the Palestinian people and for my nation. We are uneasy, and suffering is going on for satan’s pleasure. Leave the matter to us, don’t get involved, it is as simple as that. Leave it to the devout. Leave the matter to the devout. We will immediately create an atmosphere like paradise. What business is it of anyone’s if we go there? Devout Jews will meet us, thousands of them. They will welcome us with joy, calling on Allah. They will meet us with prayers. They will be proud and embrace us. If we say we have brought aid, they will say, “Allah be pleased.” What else can they say? That is what the Torah commands, what Allah commands, isn’t it? Could we, people who fear Allah, knowingly take guns there? Or bombs? They trust us because we fear Allah and love Allah. They would be ashamed even to ask us, and it would never even cross their minds. They would never ask if there were weapons on the boat. They would be ashamed even to think of it. We will hand it out with easy hearts insha’Allah. We will therefore cuddle little Jewish children and little Palestinians on our laps. We will make them happy and give them presents, and we will take them round the streets of Israel and the streets of Palestine, and that will be that. Iblis has set up home in Jerusalem, satan, the dajjal. This will go on so long as that evil remains there. It will continue until we go there and strangle him, smash his head, and I mean that in the intellectual sense, of course, insha’Allah. Because they do exactly whatever the dajjal says. It has a committee, a team, and they bow deeply before him. They do whatever he commands them. There is no reason, nothing. But I have said this so many times, and I repeat it every time, that you cannot resolve the matter with communist methods. This is what happens if you turn it all over to a handful of communists.

It can only be resolved with Qur’anic methods, godly methods. “We will resolve it with satanic methods” they say. Then you find what you look for and things go badly wrong. My apologies to those who were martyred, but they can never escape such scourges. These things will always happen if you approach matters with an atheist, Marxist, satanic mindset. It is not that they do not know. “We know” they say. But has not our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) told you the answer? Why do you try to find your own ideas with your own tiny mind? Why do you come up with Karl Marx’s and Lenin’s ideas? Has our Prophet (saas) not told you how to act? Has he not described the End Times? Has he not described what will happen in the End Times? People say, “I don’t believe it.” If you do not believe, then Allah will visit scourges upon you. But if you believe, then obey, and everything will be resolved. Anything can happen if you do not believe in and obey Allah, the Creator. That is why the Israeli state is always so beset by problems. That is what communist methods lead to, to this system. Their problems never end.

And it is the poor and weak who suffer. They are martyred and earn reward from that, and that is a separate issue. That will happen in destiny. These things will happen in destiny.

ADNAN OKTAR:Jews come here and we make them very welcome. We go to Israel, our people go there; their bags are not searched. Nothing of theirs is searched. Their clothing is not searched. They are taken around even the most sensitive places with great love and respect. They trust us. They know we are not going to do anything bad. We fear Allah. And we trust them. And we do not search their bags when they come here. They fear Allah, and we fear Allah. So why should we do anything like that. There is a Turkish saying that goes, “Fear him who fears not Allah.” That is what happens when people do not fear Allah. Insha’Allah. Israel must be handed over to devout believers. That is the answer. It must be given over to devout Muslims, Jews and Christians. I state quite clearly that the matter will be resolved that very hour. Totally resolved. How? By means of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Messiah. It cannot be resolved in any other way, insha’Allah.


2010-06-09 16:03:27

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