What purpose drives the British deep state?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 20th, 2018

VTR: What purpose drives the British deep state?

ADNAN OKTAR: The purpose that drives the British deep state is their long-standing tradition of carrying out satan's orders. The deep state means the sect of satan, the religion of satan. There is the religion revealed to prophets by God, and there is the religion of satan. These two religions have been engaged in a clash since the creation of the world. The struggle between the two religions will rage on until the Day of Judgment. Both religions have their own prophets, in other words, leaders. The religion of Islam has its prophets, and likewise, the religion of satan also has its own evil prophets. These are called antichrist. They receive visions, and possess the ability of hypnosis and performing miracles, which are called sorcery. And what prophets perform is called miracle. These two powers clash until the Day of Judgment. The antichrist movement is currently controlled by the British deep state. In other words, the British deep state is sponsoring the antichrist movement.

2018-06-09 01:06:38
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